If you suffer from Morgellons Disease (MD), you already know the truth:  You have parasites! 

I finally have the evidence and will be posting pictures along with videos in the upcoming weeks. 

I am going to give you step-by-step details of my research so can make sense of what you are seeing and feeling.

  We don't need a lab tech thousands of miles away to tell us we are crazy!   

 Since we have suffered the consequences of being labeled delusional for over a decade,

I have coined a word for them:  Arrignorant.  This is a combination of the terms ignorant and arrogant. 

Webster defines this as "the exaggerated sense of one's own abilities" and "lacking knowledge about a

particular thing."  I am not a genius nor scientist but, I do have 1st hand knowledge of Morgellons.

  I have suffered from this disease everyday for over a decade. 

Please read my posts and help educate our friends, families and Doctors. 

Awareness is the only way to stop the spread of Morgellons!

Friends Holding Hands
Skin Parasites -
Not Delusional Parasitosis!

Morgellons Disease:

"The Next Pandemic"

It may already be affecting

You or Someone You LOVE!


"Believe you can and you're halfway there"

Theodore Roosevelt

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Marble Surface


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