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The Full Story

About Morgellons Disease

Morgellons Disease is a debilitating skin disease that is affecting hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life.  Because a small research project was unable to find the cause of this debilitating skin disease, the CDC originally labeled patients with a mental illness called "Delusional Parasitosis."  Healthy people with no known mental disorders were dismissed and diagnosed as having a shared mass delusion from the internet.  Their symptoms and skin manifestations were often the same even though, many resided in different parts of the country and world.  Due to the stigmatization caused by the CDC, most people with Morgellons suffer in silence and don't receive any medical care.  In recent years the CDC has acknowledged that it is a real disease, but without further research, Morgellons is still often incorrectly associated with Delusional Parasitosis.  


Morgellons Disease is rapidly spreading from country to country around the world!  The systemic disease knows no boundaries and is infecting everyone from entire families, including infants, children and pets.  It's ruining the lives of thousands of people but is often dismissed and left untreated by most medical professionals.  Our mission is to spread the awareness of Morgellons Disease and to garner support for further research while providing emotional support

to our members.


Our Vision is that one day no one will ever have to suffer from Morgellons Disease again.  We hope  for a future where medical professionals always listen to their patients.  NEVER AGAIN should thousands of people from around the world be dismissed and labeled as "delusional."

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