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Updated: Jul 23, 2022

I know I have been slow to post the evidence I have collected that sources the cause of Morgellons Skin infestation. As I have stated before, I have struggled to get the website up and running and have faced several complications. However, after I googled the most recent information regarding Morgellons last week, I was ashamed of myself for not posting more frequently. There is so much conflicting information that it is causing confusion! Because I don't want to mislead anyone, I have waited until I had enough proof to support my theory. I do not want to be another website guessing or misleading anyone about this horrible disease. I will lay out the path I have traveled the last decade with Morgellons, and I will also share all the evidence I have accumulated. I am not a Doctor or Scientist, but I have been staring at this stuff under magnification for about 10 years! I have kept the fibers at the forefront of my research and have taken a common-sense approach. I have let probability be my guide. I want to find a cure for this horrible skin infestation - JUST LIKE YOU! But how do we truly cure a disease if we don't know what is causing it?

Before I get started I want everyone to know: This site will ALWAYS be 100% free. I have no incentive to sell you anything or convince you to purchase any product. My goal is to figure out what is destroying my life and to help others that are suffering like me. Ultimately, I hope to help you find relief and give you the knowledge that you are not alone. I worked very hard last week to get my Member's page set-up. I wanted a place for everyone to share their experiences and to find support. It is a private page so you have to join to use it. I will never sell your information either. If you haven't noticed, there is no advertising on my site. I am not against it, but I don't want anyone mining the member's information. We have all been humiliated and embarrassed by Morgellons. We have all done some crazy things to reduce our symptoms. I am going to share my path of discovery and try not to leave any details out. Morgellons is miserable and causes great suffering. You are not crazy or delusional! When a person is suffering enough, they will try anything out of desperation! No one needs to be embarrassed or ashamed on this site.

As I explained in a previous post, after I moved into a rental home - I immediately caught Morgellons. So did my pets and another member of my family that I promised privacy. I thought it was lice at first but quickly figured out that was not the case. In hindsight, I understand why this home became infested. I have explained Morgellons infests wood, wood products, and a lot more. I don't know if that's the beginning stage or just one of the cycles. This home was transported from an old logging camp in a nearby town. It was placed on a foundation and remodeled into a nice home. However, for many years it resided in a logging camp in the middle of a large forest. Once it was relocated, the original wood floors were kept and refinished. If this wasn't the source of the infestation, then the mouse population in the basement brought it in. Rodents carry the same bacteria that is found in Morgellons and Lyme Disease patients. My unfinished basement with low ceilings and damp walls - was a perfect environment for rodents and Morgellons. It wasn't used for anything but storage. When I moved a few years later, I discovered all my boxes of tax returns and paperwork were shredded by the mice and covered in poo. I tried to clean them up and kept them in my new garage. This wasn't my brightest moment! I believe this is one way Morgellons transferred from my rental house and infected my current home. I also brought with me a whole truckload of solid wood furniture too! Oh oh.....

When I treated my current residence last fall with diatomaceous earth, some fell on the ground around the windows outside. A few days later I noticed white fibers coming up between the concrete pavers. Upon closer inspection, I found a nest between the patio block. The nest looked like the same black clumps I had found under my living room couch. The pile of eggs looked like a clump of mud with hair protruding. (See Pic) Morgellons is a wood-destroying insect that will infest just about anything organic. However, I have found once it changes forms and becomes mobile, it loves anything porous like grout and concrete to hide - including porous skin and hair follicles. I believe it feeds off the organic matter around it and changes to the color of its food source. This is the reason it's so hard to identify and is literally right in front of us!

Morgellons Clump of eggs with fibers and larvae protruding
Morgellons Clump Nest

3 years ago my backyard flash flooded and turned into a pond. It took days to drain and in the meantime a set of ducks took residence! Not to mention, I irrigate my yard from the river. Who knows what is in my grass since this is untreated water. It was FUN to watch the ducks, but the saturation of the ground drove much of the insect population (springtails, beetles, ants, centipedes & millipedes) to my home. I set off several bug bombs in my crawl space and sprayed my entire property twice. Due to the flooding, the backside of my home seems to have been affected the most by Morgellons. The Morgellons bug had invaded my window sills, wood steps, hardwood floors, baseboard trim, bathroom vanity, and furniture. This is on top of what I brought with me from my rental house. I have several pieces of solid wood furniture that show substantial long-term bug damage. To be perfectly clear: the white/black, triangular larvae in the picture above are infesting my hardwood floors and furniture. You can see them making up the black clump with the protruding long white fibers in the Picture. When I sprayed homeopathic oils for treatment, my wood steps looked like they were growing hair due to all the exiting fibers. Some of it rose to the surface like large masses of hairballs and were hanging off my mop in stringy clumps! I had always assumed incorrectly that the constant mess on my floors was caused by my pets. Now I am obsessed with keeping my floors clean and I monitor everything I find. This keeps me on top of any new infestations and helps me protect my family and pets.

When I moved out of the rental, my skin was a mess. My arms, legs and face were completely covered in lesions. I looked like a drug addict with all my open sores. Just like many of you, I was accused of being on Meth and even had CPS called on me. I was supposedly manufacturing meth in my bathroom due to the amount of time I spent cleaning and treating my open lesions daily. My skin was so bad, I would come home after a walk and find blood running down my leg from a draining abscess. Of course, the medical community accused me of picking and creating these sores. I was offered medication for Delusional Parasitosis! The visit from the CPS lit a fire under me to figure out the cause of my misery. This is a small town and my children were suffering from my medical problems! I read that most Morgellons patients have Lymes Disease so I have been tested multiple times and I don't have it per the Mayo Clinic. I never had the rash nor was I bit by a tick. I read all the information about Borrelia spirochetes (a cork-shaped bacteria) as it is present in both diseases. I am assuming since the Morgellons parasite is a woodland bug it carries the same bacteria as ticks. I have no way to prove this but it makes logical sense. Remember, several family members were infected at the same time when we moved into an older home with hardwood floors.

I didn't realize the home was the cause of my sickness at first. We had farm animals including rabbits, sheep, chickens, and a horse. My rheumatologist told me she had another patient with a bad skin problem that they traced to pet rabbits. I spent 2 years trying to tie this to my rabbits. I inspected them constantly and I did find signs that one of them had Morgellons. This reinforced the idea to me that I caught Morgellons from my rabbit. I studied it so much, I am an expert on rabbit diseases today. I am just joking! (Kind of) Anyway, every local vet in my County still looks at me like I am crazy because I bothered them with samples so often! I even went to the County Health Department. The employee was nice, but I could see in his expression that he thought I had mental problems. He let me know that he couldn't help me! The more I learn, I do believe pets play a part of the Morgellons Cycle in your homes. They may be a source of infestation for some people, but I became infected from the old hardwood floor. I spent a lot of time cleaning the black particles from the floors. I quit talking to Vets and county officials about parasites - even though I believed all of my pets were infested with Morgellons too. I was desperate to find help - as you all probably have experienced. l wouldn't tell the following story to most people, but I know you will understand if you are a pet owner. PLEASE DON'T TRY IT EITHER!!! My experiment was not worth the stress! I was worried about my kids catching this disease and wanted it irradicated out of my home. I read several ideas online then consulted a farmer/breeder on how to use Ivermectin Paste on all my animals. I followed their dosing instructions and then worried uncontrollably - like I had treated my pets with poison and they were going to die! Literally! It was horrible! I felt like an animal abuser and cried because all I wanted to do was help them. My rabbit had sores on his ear and penis and my dogs were all experiencing urinary trouble. All of my animals were constipated and had skin issues. I got lucky and the Ivermectin paste didn't kill them. Each one of them had a black tar substance come up their hair shafts though. It was sticky and clumpy. Luckily, they all survived and were healthy for a while. This told me 2 things: it's a parasite unless Ivermectin kills other things, and it's attacking both people and pets. I also learned not to experiment with my animals again. I know this sounds risky, but farmers raise their animals and treat them by themselves a lot. They can't afford Vets most of the time and have been doing it for years. However, they have been treating sick animals their whole lives and I have not! I now treat my pets with diatomaceous earth (food grade) and it has worked quite well. I even use it on the parakeet! I may need to add additional products later, but for now, that's all my pets take.

I first started finding Morgellons fibers on the floor when I swept. I had found dried fiber cases in my dog's bed so I recognized them immediately. I had also found them on my clothes and around our beds. I didn't know where they came from but I knew they were Morgellons's debris. The first wood damage I noticed was my vanity in my bathroom. I knew I had windowsill damage but I thought it was because I had an older home. My hardwood floors were completely refinished when I purchased my home in 2014. By 2017 I was noticing damage to the individual boards and became worried my home was settling. I was having a terrible time keeping them clean and blamed it on my pets that had access to a doggy door. I assumed the black specs were dirt or gravel and had been tracked in by my dogs. To protect my floors I had several loads of gravel hauled in to cover the muddy areas. When that didn't help, my son helped me install a block patio out my back door. We were very proud of this project - flaws and all!! I was having some sort of problem with my bathroom wall too. It swelled under my window and smelled. My roof has a large overhang and there wasn't a leak - this confused me. I had seen some ants so I decided it was time to get everything inspected and sprayed by a professional.

I spent approximately 4 hours a day for several years investigating EVERYTHING. And as disgusting as that sounds, I mean everything. I feel like I violated the privacy of everything in my home and realm. I have very embarrassing pictures and I don't dare let anyone scroll through my phone. If I want to share a picture, I literally hold my phone so they can only see. The darn touch screens are so dangerous in situations like this!! However, looking back through them has helped me. It was right in front of me and I couldn't see it. I had prayed to God to help me figure this out. I feel like there were times He was beating me with information and I still didn't get it! God is definitely patient when it comes to someone researching Morgellons with brain fog, memory issues, and declining hearing/vision problems. But considering no one has been able to figure this out yet - I have to give the credit to God.

Morgellons fibers exiting my wood trim after sprayig with oils.  You can see larvae at the base.
Morgellons Exiting my Baseboard Trim after Spraying

After I fumigated and discovered it didn't work, I had to figure something out. Because of my Real Estate background, I had some knowledge on identifying bugs and how to treat them. Many bug control products are oil-based. Oil gets under the shells of insects and smothers them. Most of my house has wood floors and I didn't want to damage them any more than they already were from the parasites. I purchased Murphy's Oil Wood Soap - the concentrate. I then added about 1.5" to the bottom of a spray bottle. I added peppermint oil because they use it in gardens to deter bugs. Lice can be killed with Tea Tree Oil so that came next. My most important ingredient was added last: cinnamon. I had discovered that Ceylon Cinnamon killed them and have been using it to treat myself. I use between 1or 2 tablespoons of each oil. I filled the remaining bottle with water. If you are going to clean tile and grout - add 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol. Spray this concoction on your wood and wait 5 min. You will see massive amounts of fibers, sacs, larvae, and gunk come out of your wood. I had to treat all my wood floors 2x. I then put every room on rotation. This mix is so strong I could shoot bugs in the air and watch them drop. When I sprayed my garage, I had a flying ants nest in the wall. I didn't know they were there but they flew out like crazy and started dive-bombing us like bees. 5 minutes later they were all dead. I had no idea cinnamon messed with their radar so much! This product works so well, you will literally wipe your grout clean. It's amazing. I should have patented it - but I wanted everyone that is sick and low on funds to be able to make it. All of the oils can be purchased on Amazon in bulk 16 oz containers or more. The areas that will be the worst will be areas with moisture like bathrooms, kitchens, around the water bowl, laundry room, and wherever you and your pets hang out the most. It broke my heart but the area of my floors with the most damage was around the highest traffic areas, couches, beds, desks, and pet beds.

Once I had such large quantities and samples, I tried to take them to a few pest inspectors and also Vets again. No one wanted anything to do with my samples. All the fibers look like hair so they probably thought I was crazy. No one would listen to me which even made me angrier. We Americans have become a bunch of condescending Jerks, Know-it-Alls. I am sorry to the world if I ever came across this way to anyone. As I continued to clean my home and gather more samples, a friend helping me sprayed a bleach-based product in the bathroom. I had a clump of fibers growing out of the ceiling fan. The bleach must have over-sprayed onto the wires because 2 days later I had an attic fire! Now you know why my blogging has been sporadic because I was dealing with so much in my life last year not to mention kids at home due to COVID 19.

The fire was a wake-up call for me as I was able to view the insulation coming out of the attic. It was completely speckled with black fiber clumps. The poor guy hired by the insurance company to suck out the insulation was a mess. He does this for a living and his arms had never broken out like that before - they were covered in blisters. I think I know why and I was really upset. I talked to him a little but he wasn't paying attention. Besides, what am I supposed to say: "You may get sick now and it will probably destroy your life. The Doctors and the CDC don't believe it but you can believe me - a disabled single mom." He told me they do environmental clean-up and promised to spray off after work. I hope it was enough!!

Blown-in Insulation in older homes was made out of shredded paper and cardboard, a perfect host for Morgellons.  The Speckled colors look alot like Morgellons fibers as well.
Blown-in Insulation in Older Homes

After looking at the insulation, my brain started figuring a few things out. First of all, the picture shows older insulation when it was still made from shredded paper and cardboard. If any of you recognize those colors then you must live in an older home with blown insulation. Not all Morgellon sufferers complain about glass either, but it happens frequently enough that it needs to be addressed. Fiberglass insulation is made from recycled glass. If Morgellons is infesting our wood then perhaps they are also in the insulation. If they are eating the product, it would explain how the glass is ending up under your skin. I don't know this for a fact, but here is what I do know:

1) When I ripped out the wall in my bathroom, the insulation was full of the

same bug coming out of my floors.

2) The insulation in my attic was infested.

3) Our bodies don't create glass!

The insulation guy told me the attic had previously been home to several critters which I assume were squirrels or mice. He could see their nests in the rafters. I was very happy to have new insulation and my entire attic was shellacked. I hope it's enough to deter Morgellons. I have a big enough problem with my furniture and floors.

Buy now I knew Morgellons was in my wood. I didn't know if it was coming inside from rodents, pets, and people OR if it was from crawling insects from outside. In other words, I didn't know if we were the hosts spreading it to the wood in our homes, or if it was attacking us from the wood in our environment. Perhaps rodents and pets tracked it into homes over time. I also didn't know for sure if it was a fungus with a bug attracted to it. Mold often comes with mold mites. This could be a 2-fold infestation which I still don't know 100% for sure - that is still a work in progress. So I decided to just track the fibers - nothing else. The nesting sites and the clumps coming out of my floors had a lot of different-looking parts and colors. As the Pest Inspector told me, some insect nests attract other insects. This gives their larvae a source of food when hatched. I am not an entomologist and I have discovered that it's a very complicated field. A biologist told me that it was almost impossible to identify insects in their larvae stage - I would need to get DNA identification. I have samples all ready to go but I am having trouble finding a lab that takes them from a layperson. I didn't want to start a blog without having all the answers. However, I have enough answers to help you get control of your life.

The picture below has debris from a Morgellons nest in my drawer. The yellow clumps are dried-up sacs that used to hold larvae. The red clumps are alive and hold larger larvae. The black clumps are the mounds from the floor but I think most of the eggs have hatched. The white and bright yellow sacs are new and hold fibers and mini larva. I know this is Morgellons because of all the fibers. The fibers are helping make the identification a lot easier. Morgellons parasites love cardboard and particleboard. It is easy to hide in a porous surface and also acts as a food source. The debris to the left came out of a kitchen drawer holding wax paper and aluminum foil. The bugs were attracted to the knit hot pads that had food spilled on them. They then settled into the cardboard boxes and were hidden in the back of the drawer. All of my food is now sealed. You will need to bag up afghans and knitted sweaters until your house is completely treated. Seal them in garbage bags. If you don't - they will be destroyed. My drawers are filled with tied shut trash bags.

Morgellons Nest in the Back of a Kitchen Drawer
Morgellons Debris from a Drawer

My beautiful oak bed had 1 side rail that was destroyed. I thought it was treated but kept finding debris on my bedroom floor. The hardwood floors kept flaring in my room too. I put diatomaceous earth on the side rail then wrapped the scuffed top with clear packing tape. I assumed this would kill anything trying to come out of the wood and the tape would stick to it. In about 2 days I could see the wood had started to sweat under the tape. I figured the DE would absorb it so I just left it alone. I had no idea that I was about to make my biggest discovery yet. About a week later I could see something black on top of the bed rail. Upon closer inspection, I could see this long sticky substance had risen to the top of the wood. It looked like an 18" long black sticky rope running in a squiggly line. I had a flashback to the black stuff that came out of my pet's hair when I treated them the year before. I had found clumps of the black tar around my house but couldn't figure out how it was getting there. Twice, I had also found long dried-up spiral-shaped worms in my laundry room. I found this very odd since spiral bacteria is associated with Morgellons. This may not be related to the bacteria but I have found short to long spiral worms since I became infected.

A long Sticky Nest Rose to the Surface of Sideboard after Treating with Diatomaceous Earth and Covering with Tape
Morgellons Nest Rising out of Bed Sideboard

This is just a small section of what lifted out of my Bed's sideboard. After leaving it alone for about a month it started producing everything that is coming out of my floors. I see fibers, yellow and white sacs, tiny larvae, larger black parasites. Now I don't mean to gross anyone out, but I have to talk about this. This long sticky, slimy substance coming out of my bed rail, is also coming out of me. I took pictures to my Doctor that dismissed them as something I ate. The longer I have Morgellons, and the more treatment I take, the more of these rope "worms" that I produce. In the upper left of this photo, you can see a black larva exiting the worm. I already knew this though because as I said earlier, I have inspected everything. I have found black larvae in my rope worms as well as the fuzzy-covered larvae. I believe this is why it doesn't show up on any stool samples because it's all encased!

I am aware my blog is getting very long. I will finish Part 2 this next week. I have literally tracked the Morgellons bug outside. I have a lot more to say but I don't want to blow up the site! After I finish this blog, I will get into what I have tried for treatment. I want you all to know that this isn't made up. I have confirmation now from 2 different members in the United States about pulling the parasites out of the hardwood floors and bedroom furniture. I have also witnessed the fibers in 2 hotels, 1 office, and 3 homes. I have a theory as to why it's spreading so quickly too. Thanks for reading my blog and please start cleaning!! It's a long hard project but you can succeed! I have declared war on Morgellons in my home. Make it your enemy and use that anger so you don't get discouraged. I am 75% better than just a year ago and I was really bad! Join the member's sites and encourage each other. Please let us know what has been working for you too. The more people I have confirmation from about the wood in your homes - the faster I can go back to the CDC!!

++PART 2:


++++Remember, this site is FREE and we don't advertise. I created this site so we could support each other. No one's information will ever be sold! The Public Discussion tab at the top of the page is for everyone. The Members tab offers a Forum that is more private and all the information is blocked from the Google Search Engine. Membership is also FREE and includes a members page where you can share your story. ++A phone application, Spaces by Wix, is also free to download and includes better access to the website, Shared Galleries, and a chat feature for members. Please visit our Home page for a list of Blog Posts and Video Evidence!

+++DISCLOSURE: I am not a Doctor, Lawyer, or Scientist. This website is a social support site and by no means takes the place of your Doctor or professional help. I express my own religious beliefs and tell my own personal experiences in struggling with Morgellons Disease. I do not represent the comments or recommendations posted by members or visitors on this site. I have not validated nor looked into any person's opinion or statements. You accept full responsibility for the consequences of your use of any information provided on or through this website. You agree to do your own research and use your own judgement, including talking to your Doctor, before trying any recommended product or procedure. I assume no liability for any supplement or recommended, alternative treatment from this website. This blog is nothing more than a compilation of my own real life experiences and personal opinions. It is a place for us to come together and share our stories. Socializing is a form of Entertainment. We want to remind everyone to be respectful and acknowledge the vast differences in religious and political beliefs. This information provided through this website is for educational, informational and entertainment purposes only. ALWAYS TALK TO YOUR PHARMACIST OR MEDICAL PROVIDER BEFORE TAKING NEW SUPPLEMENTS OR NATURAL REMEDIES!! THEY CAN POTENTIALLY HAVE NEGATIVE INTERACTIONS WITH YOUR CURRENT MEDICATION! In case of an emergency your medical chart should contain a list of everything you take including supplements and prescription medications.


Unknown member
Mar 20, 2023

Hello All

These paracides remind me this one


Unknown member
Sep 26, 2022



Unknown member
Sep 26, 2022

You are absolutely correct it is a parasite. I have spent thousands on medicines,ointments and even Hipower microscopes. I have hundreds of pictures and documentation of these "demons" that have taken over my body. Everything from the triangle heads under skin to alligator pussing skin. And they cause additional paasites like lice,scabies,liver fluke,circarium and pinworms. I have/had them all.I have highly magnified images ,

and they dang near look like dragons with a bad facial expression.. God help us all.

Unknown member
Dec 19, 2022
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What do you think that black thing is? I think I found a similar looking thing


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May 01, 2022

It sounds bad but we all know we have done crazy things trying to get this out of our skin if you shock a pool wait 30 minutes and get in the pool and stay in the pool for a couple hours and you can feel the negativity and all the bad shit pour out of you it is absolutely the best thing


Unknown member
May 01, 2022

I have had this for 12 years it comes and goes but takes years in between. Now that’s not really that honest because I have moved 5 times and sold everything every time. Lost my family lost everything. my issue now is my eyebrows. I look crazy because I keep tape on them. I try to explain to my family that it makes me feel ok. If I was crazy I would be in public looking crazy! I know not to go outside like that if there wasn’t something doing it I wouldn’t be wearing tape. Right??

Unknown member
May 01, 2022
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You're not crazy. I put vicks all over my head then seran wrap it then wear a plastic cap THEN...wear a silk hair hat to bed about once a weak. But every night I wear my silk bonnet to bed my husband calls me crazy and threatens me he's going to divorce me.So no You're not crazy I definitely know how you feel.

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