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Morgellons is a Parasite! The CDC is WRONG!

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

You already know MD is a parasite because you can feel them crawling and biting. You also know if you treat your skin with certain chemicals, you become extremely sick and experience the relocation of your sores! How do our wounds move if they are just infections? We all know we aren't stuffing fibers or glass under our skin, so where is it coming from?! As patients of this horrible illness, we have been so beaten down and publicly humiliated that we are afraid to say what we already know. So I am going to say it for all of us: "Morgellons is a horrible skin parasite that is ruining my life!" Now you need to start believing in yourself again and trusting your body. No one else can hear what your body is saying to you. By paying attention to my symptoms and applying good old fashion common sense, I think I have isolated the Morgellons Parasite.

I need everyone to do similar research in your home and document it. If we all have the same results then maybe us "Dumb" patients can figure out what is attacking us. I hesitate to jump right to the end and say what I think. I need some confirmation from other sufferers. I have tried to call the research centers but they won't talk to me. I have been told they have excellent research scientists working on it and I need to be patient. Well at the rate they are going - I will be dead. So I am coming directly to you! Please be patient as I am not a Blogger and I don't have an "English" brain. My thinking is analytical and I love math! I need your feedback though so we can help each other. Let's talk about the approach I took to find the cause of Morgellons.

At first, I didn't know if we had a fungus, parasite, parasitical fungus, or perhaps 2 of them at the same time. For example, a terrible fungus that attracted a particular parasite. For a long time, I was convinced it was just a parasite. My doctor kept saying do you see movement? I couldn't tell her yes. I thought maybe I had seen something jump but with static electricity and air currents, I couldn't be positive. This became my goal in life: to find movement. I could feel it - so therefore it must be moving. I also knew it was moving because at first, it was only my head that itched. I used lice treatment and that helped for a few days. I started using citronella shampoo and whatever I had didn't like the shampoo. My head quit itching as bad but I became really sick. This was my first experience with the symptoms that are caused when the parasites migrate. I became so tired! I itched like crazy - everywhere. I ran fevers and had migraine headaches with extreme nausea. I couldn't get out of bed for 2 days. I had no idea I had my first die-off experience so I blamed it on the flu. Within a few days, I noticed my itching was now in other areas. I did everything that 1st summer to get rid of it. In the beginning, sulfur baths helped and my itching would improve. I was trying all kinds of topicals and began cleaning my house like crazy.

I started trying to analyze my situation. I had made several changes in my life. I had just moved into an older home that we had used as a rental. It was nice and clean with hardwood floors. (1st question: how many of you live in older homes, or have wood floors or paneling on the walls? I absolutely need feedback on this.) A family member had recently had lice so at 1st I thought perhaps the lice had brought a parasite into the home. We also started raising rabbits and they can carry a lot of illnesses. We had a few farm animals like sheep, chickens, and a horse at the family farm. So of course my mind was focused on the animals for quite a while. I had a couple of dogs and a cat that slept in my bed. I noticed the animals seemed to be itching too. All the animals were treated with flea drops and no animals were allowed in the bed anymore. I was thinking my pets caught something from the rabbits and gave it to me when sleeping in my bed. I spent many hours looking at the animal's skin, checking their beds, and trying to keep them clean.

I am not going to hold anything back because you all need to know you are not alone. When a person is sick, they will do anything to feel better. So no matter how embarrassing my actions may be, I am going to share them with you. I noticed the floor around the dog always had black stuff and specs on it. I scrubbed the floors a lot. I swept up the floor particles and took them to the County Public Health Department. I was so serious and I am sure the guy thought I was crazy. He slid the dirt around the paper and just kind of looked at me. He tried to be polite but I knew he didn't have a clue nor was he interested in looking at my dirt. Because I was worried about the kids, I didn't let this deter me. I had no idea what I had caught or if it was deadly. I also started taking poo samples to the Vet Clinics. That's the way they test for parasites so I wanted my animals tested. Well, guess what? I don't even ask or bring the word parasites up anymore to the Vet. I knew they all thought I was crazy. And I say "they" because I bugged 3 different Vet Clinics. This is funny because I had no idea what I had and I was freaking out. But what I wasn't going to accept from anyone is that it was all in my head. Prior to getting sick, I had a very successful business and it was unacceptable to be treated like I was dumb.

My ex-husband agreed we had a problem. However, after I went to the Doctor and was treated for lice 3 times, he was done talking about it. I was convinced at first I had some rare strain of lice that wouldn't die! I didn't let his doubt stop my mission. I took my child to the Doctor and showed him the specs that were coming out of my skin. I then looked through my kid's hair and my Doctor calmly told me it was dirt. Instead of dropping it, I became angry. By this time I had specs coming out everywhere. I itched constantly and was in misery. I was beginning to get sores on my face too. After treatment at another Doctor, I discovered Betadine brought the specs to the surface. I knew it had to be bugs so I wiped them away before the Doctor came back in the room. THAT WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. I left his office and drove around to a few drug stores and purchased many bottles of betadine. I was so excited - I thought I had found a cure. I intended to bathe in it - and that's pretty much what I did for 3 days.

I also made an appointment with my regular doctor the following Monday. I couldn't wait to prove her wrong. I felt so much better when Monday rolled around and was very relieved. At my appointment, I told her everything that happened and was happy that I had proved her wrong. She just looked at me and left the room. She came back with a betadine brush and said, "show me." I knew I was in trouble! I had literally been soaking in it for 3 days. Do you think I had any new visible specks for her to see? I put it on and prayed a few would pop out. The first time I had put it on my face at home - I wiped away so many I couldn't even count them. But those decreased in number every time I did it. So now my doctor thinks I am crazy - literally. Well, at least I was cured! Right?!

Wrong! A few days later I discovered I still had specs they had just moved south. Logic says to quit cleaning them off and go back and show the Doctor! The unknown itching has so much anxiety involved, there was no way I could quit cleaning my skin. Not knowing what it was and how bad it could get, is very scary. Not knowing if it's contagious to other family members makes you not be able to sleep at night. And feeling like you are dirty, and knowing there are parasites on your skin, will drive you to clean your skin every time! Because my specs had moved around my body - I was pretty sure it was mites of some kind.

I will write again later this week. Sorry for my delay in writings, but I had an attic fire. I have been very busy cleaning and getting my home back in order. In my next blog, I will talk about skin sores and the evidence that MD is a parasitical infection. I would like to hear from a reader if any exist!! Do your floors get dirty easily? I put in a patio and had gravel delivered so my floors would stay clean. Please check out your fuzz in and on your clothes. Are they crunchy or hard? If you put water on them does white slime come out? I will talk more about this next time!


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Morgellon Parasites: Look at how they are the same shape & size.

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