Morgellons is a Parasite! The CDC is WRONG!

Updated: Nov 6

You already know MD is a parasite because you can feel them crawling and biting. You also know if you treat your skin with certain chemicals, you become extremely sick and experience the relocation of your sores! How do our wounds move if they are just infections? We all know we aren't stuffing fibers or glass under our skin, so where is it coming from?! As patients of this horrible illness, we have been so beaten down and publicly humiliated that we are afraid to say what we already know. So I am going to say it for all of us: "Morgellons is a horrible skin parasite that is ruining my life!" Now you need to start believing in yourself again and trusting your body. No one else can hear what your body is saying to you. By paying attention to my symptoms and applying good old fashion common sense, I think I have isolated the Morgellons Parasite.

I need everyone to do similar research in your home and document it. If we all have the same results then maybe us "Dumb" patients can figure out what is attacking us. I hesitate to jump right to the end and say what I think. I need some confirmation from other sufferers. I have tried to call the research centers but they won't talk to me. I have been told they have excellent research scientists working on it and I need to be patient. Well at the rate they are going - I will be dead. So I am coming directly to you! Please be patient as I am not a Blogger and I don't have an "English" brain. My thinking is analytical and I love math! I need your feedback though so we can help each other. Let's talk about the approach I took to find the cause of Morgellons.

At first, I didn't know if we had a fungus, parasite, parasitical fungus, or perhaps 2 of them at the same time. For example, a terrible fungus that attracted a particular parasite. For a long time, I was convinced it was just a parasite. My doctor kept saying do you see movement? I couldn't tell her yes. I thought maybe I had seen something jump but with static electricity