Updated: Nov 6

I will keep this blog short. My hard drive on a 1 yr old computer crashed with all my videos and pictures. I mailed it off for repair since it’s still under warranty. I will blog in detail when I get it back! However, I know everyone is waiting for more detail about the Morgellons parasite. Not long after fumigating, I had an attic fire. I believe the fire was actually a gift from God! I live in a rural community that is supported by volunteer firefighters. The Fire Department was in the middle of training the day of my fire. I had 20 firefighters within 4 minutes of calling. My attic fire was contained to just the bathroom fan and vent. The only smoke damage was in the attic. However, I learned a lot more about Morgellons through the repair and clean-up process of my home.

After the fire, I was busy dealing with the Contractor and Insurance Co. One afternoon after thanking God that I didn’t lose my home and only the insulation seemed affected, I had an epiphany! The small specs of glass coming from the skin in some Morgellons patients could only be coming from 1 thing: the insulation. Insulation is made from fiberglass and in many homes. We know our body isn’t making all the stuff coming out of our skin. Unless you are eating it, something is bringing the fibers and specs into our skin. I don’t know the whole process but, what I do know is the insulation removed from my attic was nasty. I had rodents living in it at one point and it was also full of black fibers and specs. Once I figured this out, I removed a section of trim around my bathroom floor. Can you guess what I found? The insulation was infested with the same insects that I found in my wood. These were larger and looked closer to what was coming out of my skin too.

While checking out my bathroom, I discovered a spider that was alive but laying on its back. It wasn’t moving except for an occasional leg twitch. Upon closer inspection, I found yellow sacs and fibers attached to the spider. See attached picture. The Its body was wrapped in long white hair fibers. I have found a dragonfly and 2 beetles in the same condition. This parasite seems to be attaching to a lot more than just humans. I know for a fact, both of my pets have been infected with Morgellons too. I feel I am in a battle to protect my home, clothes, furniture, pets, and family.

I would like to talk more about where I think Morgellons is originating next week. I will also discuss a few ideas of how it’s getting into our homes. Now that I know what it looks like - I have seen it in several places including a hotel that allows pets. I have several friends that I suspect are infested that live in old homes. These homes have had mice infestations as well. It would be nice to hear if some of you have similar experiences. Thank you for your support! I promise to upload more videos and pictures as soon as I receive my repaired computer. I am beginning to believe someone doesn’t like my website!