Updated: Aug 29

I know I have been slow to post the evidence I have collected that sources the cause of Morgellons Skin infestation. As I have stated before, I have struggled to get the website up and running and have faced several complications. However, after I googled the most recent information regarding Morgellons last week, I was ashamed of myself for not posting more frequently. There is so much conflicting information that it is causing confusion! Because I don't want to mislead anyone, I have waited until I had enough proof to support my theory. I do not want to be another website guessing or misleading anyone about this horrible disease. I will lay out the path I have traveled the last decade with Morgellons, and I will also share all the evidence I have accumulated. I am not a Doctor or Scientist, but I have been staring at this stuff under magnification for about 10 years! I have kept the fibers at the forefront of my research and have taken a common-sense approach. I have let probability be my guide. I want to find a cure for this horrible skin infestation - JUST LIKE YOU! But how do we truly cure a disease if we don't know what is causing it?

Before I get started I want everyone to know: This site will ALWAYS be 100% free. I have no incentive to sell you anything or convince you to purchase any product. My goal is to figure out what is destroying my life and to help others that are suffering like me. Ultimately, I hope to help you find relief and give you the knowledge that you are not alone. I worked very hard last week to get my Member's page set-up. I wanted a place for everyone to share their experiences and to find support. It is a private page so you have to join to use it. I will never sell your information either. If you haven't noticed, there is no advertising on my site. I am not against it, but I don't want anyone mining the member's information. We have all been humiliated and embarrassed by Morgellons. We have all done some crazy things to reduce our symptoms. I am going to share my path of discovery and try not to leave any details out. Morgellons is miserable and causes great suffering. You are not crazy or delusional! When a person is suffering enough, they will try anything out of desperation! No one needs to be embarrassed or ashamed on this site.

As I explained in a previous post, after I moved into a rental home - I immediately caught Morgellons. So did my pets and another member of my family that I promised privacy. I thought it was lice at first but quickly figured out that was not the case. In hindsight, I understand why this home became infested. I have explained Morgellons infests wood, wood products, and a lot more. I don't know if that's the beginning stage or just one of the cycles. This home was transported from an old logging camp in a nearby town. It was placed on a foundation and remodeled into a nice home. However, for many years it resided in a logging camp in the middle of a large forest. Once it was relocated, the original wood floors were kept and refinished. If this wasn't the source of the infestation, then the mouse population in the basement brought it in. Rodents carry the same bacteria that is found in Morgellons and Lyme Disease patients. My unfinished basement with low ceilings and damp walls - was a perfect environment for rodents and Morgellons. It wasn't used for anything but storage. When I moved a few years later, I discovered all my boxes of tax returns and paperwork were shredded by the mice and covered in poo. I tried to clean them up and kept them in my new garage. This wasn't my brightest moment! I believe this is one way Morgellons transferred from my rental house and infected my current home. I also brought with me a whole truckload of solid wood furniture too! Oh oh.....

When I treated my current residence last fall with diatomaceous earth, some fell on the ground around the windows outside. A few days later I noticed white fibers coming up between the concrete pavers. Upon closer inspection, I found a nest between the patio block. The nest looked like the same black clumps I had found under my living room couch. The pile of eggs looked like a clump of mud with hair protruding. (See Pic) Morgellons is a wood-destroying insect that will infest just about anything organic. However, I have found once it changes forms and becomes mobile, it loves anything porous like grout and concrete to hide - including porous skin and hair follicles. I believe it feeds off the organic matter around it and changes to the color of its food source. This is the reason it's so hard to identify and is literally right in front of us!

Morgellons Clump of eggs with fibers and larvae protruding
Morgellons Clump Nest

3 years ago my backyard flash flooded and turned into a pond. It took days to drain and in the meantime a set of ducks took residence! Not to mention, I irrigate my yard from the river. Who knows what is in my grass since this is untreated water. It was FUN to watch the ducks, but the saturation of the ground drove much of the insect population (springtails, beetles, ants, centipedes & millipedes) to my home. I set off several bug bombs in my crawl space and sprayed my entire property twice. Due to the flooding, the backside of my home seems to have been affected the most by Morgellons. The Morgellons bug had invaded my window sills, wood steps, hardwood floors, baseboard trim, bathroom vanity, and furniture. This is on top of what I brought with me from my rental house. I have several pieces of solid wood furniture that show substantial long-term bug damage. To be perfectly clear: the white/black, triangular larvae in the picture above are infesting my hardwood floors and furniture. You can see them making up the black clump with the protruding long white fibers in the Picture. When I sprayed homeopathic oils for treatment, my wood steps looked like they were growing hair due to all the exiting fibers. Some of it rose to the surface like large masses of hairballs and were hanging off my mop in stringy clumps! I had always assumed incorrectly that the constant mess on my floors was caused by my pets. Now I am obsessed with keeping my floors clean and I monitor everything I find. This keeps me on top of any new infestations and helps me protect my family and pets.

When I moved out of the rental, my skin was a mess. My arms, legs and face were completely covered in lesions. I looked like a drug addict with all my open sores. Just like many of you, I was accused of being on Meth and even had CPS called on me. I was supposedly manufacturing meth in my bathroom due to the amount of time I spent cleaning and treating my open lesions daily. My skin was so bad, I would come home after a walk and find blood running down my leg from a draining abscess. Of course, the medical community accused me of picking and creating these sores. I was offered medication for Delusional Parasitosis! The visit from the CPS lit a fire under me to figure out the cause of my misery. This is a small town and my children were suffering from my medical problems! I read that most Morgellons patients have Lymes Disease so I have been tested multiple times and I don't have it per the Mayo Clinic. I never had the rash nor was I bit by a tick. I read all the information about Borrelia spirochetes (a cork-shaped bacteria) as it is present in both diseases. I am assuming since the Morgellons parasite is a woodland bug it carries the same bacteria as ticks. I have no way to prove this but it makes logical sense. Remember, several family members were infected at the same time when we moved into an older home with hardwood floors.

I didn't realize the home was the cause of my sickness at first. We had farm animals including rabbits, sheep, chickens, and a horse. My rheumatologist told me she had another patient with a bad