CDC's Reckless Determination of Delusional Parasitosis

Updated: Nov 6

Anyone with Morgellons Disease(MD) has sought help for the debilitating disease only to find out the CDC has already labeled us as having "Delusional Parasitosis." In 2008 they hired a research center to investigate what they called an unexplained dermopathy. I am both angry and dumbfounded at the conclusions that were drawn! Because I am naturally skeptical, I tend to analyze everything against probability. For example, what is more probable: there are thousands of strangers stuffing cotton under their skin OR there is a new unknown skin condition? In my mind that is called Common Sense. The CDC's determination was completely reckless considering they are the institution set up to help the sick and at the same time protect the public as a whole. THEY FAILED MISERABLY!!

First let's look at the company they chose to do the research: Kaiser Permanente's Northern California Division of Research. In my past experience with American Doctors, they don't believe most parasites exist in the USA UNLESS you have been traveling. I was told by a medical professional they spend very little time studying parasites in medical school. My 1st visit to a Dermatologist was a joke! The Doctor swabbed between my fingers with a Q-tip and announced I was Parasite free 2 minutes later. Because of this, I was curious about the Kaiser Research Center and its credentials. They are a reputable company with a very broad research base - BUT they do not specialize in parasites. They were chosen for the project simply because they were located in a Morgellons hot spot. And after 2 years of not being able to find a cause for MD, they determined it to be a mental problem: Delusional Parasitosis. So I will ask you what is more probable: the research center not specializing in parasites couldn't identify the pathogen in MD, OR thousands of strangers are having the same delusion and creating sores all over their body? Plus, isn't this kind of victim-blaming???

CDC paid $600,000 for the research project in 2008. That sounds like a lot of money to the average person. However, compared to other diseases and the money spent on their research and containment annually - $600,000 is a drop in the bucket. In 2019 the CDC budgeted over $140 Million for the HIV Endemic and $10 Million for modernizing the Flu vaccine alone. MD at one point was predominantly located in California and Texas. Because it was growing so quickly, the medical community blamed it on the internet and self-diagnosis. They pretty much called it mass hysteria and dismissed Morgellon's Disease as delusional. Now the disease has spread worldwide. The CDC absolutely DID NOT protect the general population! This was an extremely reckless decision and actually facilitated the spread