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CDC's Reckless Determination of Delusional Parasitosis

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Anyone with Morgellons Disease(MD) has sought help for the debilitating disease only to find out the CDC has already labeled us as having "Delusional Parasitosis." In 2008 they hired a research center to investigate what they called an unexplained dermopathy. I am both angry and dumbfounded at the conclusions that were drawn! Because I am naturally skeptical, I tend to analyze everything against probability. For example, what is more probable: there are thousands of strangers stuffing cotton under their skin OR there is a new unknown skin condition? In my mind that is called Common Sense. The CDC's determination was completely reckless considering they are the institution set up to help the sick and at the same time protect the public as a whole. THEY FAILED MISERABLY!!

First let's look at the company they chose to do the research: Kaiser Permanente's Northern California Division of Research. In my past experience with American Doctors, they don't believe most parasites exist in the USA UNLESS you have been traveling. I was told by a medical professional they spend very little time studying parasites in medical school. My 1st visit to a Dermatologist was a joke! The Doctor swabbed between my fingers with a Q-tip and announced I was Parasite free 2 minutes later. Because of this, I was curious about the Kaiser Research Center and its credentials. They are a reputable company with a very broad research base - BUT they do not specialize in parasites. They were chosen for the project simply because they were located in a Morgellons hot spot. And after 2 years of not being able to find a cause for MD, they determined it to be a mental problem: Delusional Parasitosis. So I will ask you what is more probable: the research center not specializing in parasites couldn't identify the pathogen in MD, OR thousands of strangers are having the same delusion and creating sores all over their body? Plus, isn't this kind of victim-blaming???

CDC paid $600,000 for the research project in 2008. That sounds like a lot of money to the average person. However, compared to other diseases and the money spent on their research and containment annually - $600,000 is a drop in the bucket. In 2019 the CDC budgeted over $140 Million for the HIV Endemic and $10 Million for modernizing the Flu vaccine alone. MD at one point was predominantly located in California and Texas. Because it was growing so quickly, the medical community blamed it on the internet and self-diagnosis. They pretty much called it mass hysteria and dismissed Morgellons Disease as delusional. Now the disease has spread worldwide. The CDC absolutely DID NOT protect the general population! This was an extremely reckless decision and actually facilitated the spread of the disease. Doctors & Nurses have a false sense of security when treating patients. I actually had a pregnant Dermatologist take her gloves off and shake my hand. She was trying to comfort me and show me that I wasn't contagious. I was mortified! If the CDC had left the cause as unknown, the medical community would have proceeded with caution. Friends & Family members would have been more careful rather than assuming that MD was a figment of our imaginations!

I think we are all disgusted at the CDC and how they have handled this whole situation. Did you know there are even pictures of Morgellons to help the Doctors diagnose it? I found that out when my Doctor told me my sores looked like the ones in her medical book. I was excited thinking I was finally going to get treatment. I previously thought I had MD but I never told my Doctor. I in no way wanted to be labeled as delusional. Then the CDC puts out pictures and she makes the diagnosis herself. Great, right? WRONG!!! Now my doctor thinks I need anxiety and antipsychotic medication. Let's think about this for a moment. So the CDC had research supporting the fact that a lot of skin lesions on Morgellons patients are similar? The round sores on so many of our backs, buttocks, and legs are often similar looking in the beginning stages. Let's do my probability test right now. In the eyes of the CDC, it's more probable that MD patients are self-inflicting these similar-looking wounds rather than have a common pathogen? There must be a tool on the black market that we are buying to create round sores on our backs in areas we can't reach! Every Dermatologist that has examined me thought I was creating the sores by scratching and picking even though they don't look like scratch marks. Plus, what about all the areas I can't reach like my inner ear and mid-back? I asked them that and they dismissed me. I now understand what my Dad meant when he coined the phrase "educated idiots." (Highly educated individuals that think they know everything and have little common sense.)

I am going to discuss in my next blog post the Theory of Unintended Consequences. The choice made by the CDC to dismiss MD has had some far-reaching consequences. Morgellons Fiber Disease has spread throughout North America, Europe & Australia. It is often referred to as the Fiber Disease due to all the fibers coming out of the skin and that is embedded under the skin. Common sense tells you if there is cotton fibers under your skin - something is putting it there. No one is threading a needle and doing it to themselves! Our body isn't producing cotton either as some researchers have suggested. And if you really believe the fibers are from our clothes, did you do a blind study? It's easy enough to have 100 people wear cotton every day for a month and then ultrasound their skin and look for embedded fibers. This wasn't done because the research team was just using it as an excuse for failing at the job they were hired to do. The most logical answer to this condition is a parasite. They are eating the cotton or bringing it under the skin for nesting or food. Unless it's easier for you to believe there is another magical tool on the black market that puts cotton fibers under our skin?! I don't usually call names or am condescending but all these excuses/theories are ridiculous!

Doctors seem to believe that the USA has irradicated most of the parasites in our country. Considering Immigrants from all over the world are moving here and we import most of our goods from foreign countries - it seems silly to think we don't have unknown parasites. The entire medical community needs to take off its blinders! Don't be a puppet of the CDC whose biggest concern is saving money over saving lives. I recognize that you are trying to work with one arm held behind your back! You aren't even allowed to think for yourselves anymore. The insurance companies are making most medical decisions anymore. We are counting on you to step up and be the leaders in getting us help. Doctors, you took an oath to do no harm. Diagnosing MD as delusional IS ABSOLUTELY doing harm. Please join us in this battle and help your patients with this debilitating disease.

I have done some common sense based research and have discovered evidence that Morgellons is a parasite. Researchers are focused on tying MD to Lyme Disease. I don't believe they are correct and as long as they stay on that path we won't have answers. I am sure there are many of you out there with MD symptoms that don't have Lyme Disease. Researchers are ignoring this fact and it's easy enough to prove: Everyone with Morgellons simply takes a Lyme Disease Test. I believe I have evidence that MD is from a wood-destroying insect. Ticks are from woodland areas so it makes sense they have the same bacteria. I have contacted 2 research centers, 1 University, and 2 leading Dermatologists on the subject. No one will talk to me. PERIOD. I have been trying for almost a year and finally decided to move forward without them. There is no room in science for arrogance. No one knows more about this disease than the people living with it every day. I will try and get all my information uploaded in the next couple of weeks (Please be patient - I have never blogged before!) I believe if we put our heads together we can figure this out. I need feedback from all of you so we can compare notes. I believe I already know the answer but I need to walk everyone through it. Otherwise, you will think I am crazy. If you find everything I did along the way - you will know what I am telling you is true. Forward this blog out to everyone you know that has been affected in any way by MD. I have videos of the fibers moving and a complete picture database of the progression of the disease. Hang in there a little longer! My faith in God and my determination to feel better gives me the strength to keep forging ahead. Together, with a little help from above and a lot of help from you, we can and will conquer this!


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