Evidence CDC is Wrong about Delusional Parasitosis! Morgellon's Fibers Are Skin Parasites

Updated: Nov 6

Morgellon's Disease is also known as the fiber disease. These fibers are one of the main diagnosing factors of the skin condition. A lot of research has been centered around the fibers! A decade ago, researchers suggested they were either a transfer from our clothing, or there was an abnormality at the body's cellular level creating them. The most ridiculous explanation was that patients were stuffing cotton fibers under their skin and suffering from Delusional Parasitosis. However, when you see images of the actual fibers magnified in human tissue, it is obvious this isn't the case as they are intertwined and growing through your tissue like a root system. I have also noticed these fibers always seem to be in larger clusters closer to areas of my body with moisture. In another post, I discussed the migration of these infected areas to other parts of my body after treatment. So what does all this mean? I have tried to follow 1 simple rule while compiling research: if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck. Morgellons Disease(MD) is migrating like a parasite, and growing/spreading throughout my body like other living organisms in search of moisture: Morgellons is a parasite until PROVEN differently.

Once I decided that Morgellons had to be living organisms, I tried to figure out more about it. Where did it come from? How was I exposed? Is it contagious? I did all the internet surfing that the Doctors tell you not to do! However, if the medical community isn't helping you then your only options are: Shut up and be miserable, or start researching yourself. This is exactly what I did. I ordered 2 microscopes and started the long road of discovery. My only guideline was to use common sense and look for the obvious. I tried not to dig too deep into theories like "nanobots" attacking us, or that our dental fillings were to blame. In fact, those theories are the reason I decided to write this blog. I couldn't help but imagine other MD