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Evidence CDC is Wrong about Delusional Parasitosis! Morgellon's Fibers Are Skin Parasites

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Morgellons Disease is also known as the fiber disease. These fibers are one of the main diagnosing factors of the skin condition. A lot of research has been centered around the fibers! A decade ago, researchers suggested they were either a transfer from our clothing, or there was an abnormality at the body's cellular level creating them. The most ridiculous explanation was that patients were stuffing cotton fibers under their skin and suffering from Delusional Parasitosis. However, when you see images of the actual fibers magnified in human tissue, it is obvious this isn't the case as they are intertwined and growing through your tissue like a root system. I have also noticed these fibers always seem to be in larger clusters closer to areas of my body with moisture. In another post, I discussed the migration of these infected areas to other parts of my body after treatment. So what does all this mean? I have tried to follow 1 simple rule while compiling research: if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck. Morgellons Disease(MD) is migrating like a parasite, and growing/spreading throughout my body like other living organisms in search of moisture: Morgellons is a parasite until PROVEN differently.

Once I decided that Morgellons had to be living organisms, I tried to figure out more about it. Where did it come from? How was I exposed? Is it contagious? I did all the internet surfing that the Doctors tell you not to do! However, if the medical community isn't helping you then your only options are: Shut up and be miserable, or start researching yourself. This is exactly what I did. I ordered 2 microscopes and started the long road of discovery. My only guideline was to use common sense and look for the obvious. I tried not to dig too deep into theories like "nanobots" attacking us, or that our dental fillings were to blame. In fact, those theories are the reason I decided to write this blog. I couldn't help but imagine other MD sufferers having all their fillings removed! We are suffering enough and don't need any more torture. I am not a Dentist, so you should make up your own mind. However, I am telling you those theories didn't fit with my illness. It was time to form my own theories with supporting evidence, and help stop the labeling of people suffering from Morgellons Disease as crazy!!

Within 2 years of being infected with Morgellons, my face, arms, and back were covered with round, swollen lesions. My lower extremities and buttocks were beginning to show signs of the infestation too. My scalp itched me so bad - I was going crazy. In the beginning, I thought I had lice and I started combing my hair for bugs with a lice comb. I still use this tool every few days and especially after I wash my hair. I also began using shampoo with citronella because I thought it might work as a deterrence. I only used it on my head though. I wanted to protect my brain and heal my face. It helped immensely and pushed most of my sores to the lower half of my body. I was afraid of the massive die-off effect if I used it everywhere and I didn't want to force the infestation inward. I also noticed my right hand was more affected, and when my cat was sleeping with me, my leg broke out on the same side she slept. This led me to believe I must be picking it up from contact - especially from my pets. I don't believe my pets are the only source, but I do believe the Morgellons Parasite is attracted to them and their hair. I was finding a lot of the "suspicious black fur balls" mixed in with their hair and dander on the floor. Common sense says they are attracted to pet fur, OR they are falling off the pets as they shed their hair.

I have some knowledge of the products used to treat home infestations due to my previous career in Real Estate. Many of them are oil-based products because oil smothers most bugs. I decided to try the same logic on my skin. I discovered a skin treatment made with Coconut oil, mint, and St Johns Wart. (This was a local product from a Native American friend! Most oils have similar effects though!) My skin started pushing material out - almost like it was surfacing to breathe. It seemed like it came out in layers from the ulcer. I would remove the top black/white fibers with attached worm masses and the next day it was replaced with masses from below it. If you kill the parasite with oil or antibiotic cream, a thick white puss will rise to the surface and bring all sorts of fibers, yellow/white sacs, and worm-looking masses. I discovered that this tubular parasite is embedded in a circle around the entrance of the lesion like a coiled centipede. This is why so many pictures of MD look like a rash consisting of round sores. I joked on another post that we have a special tool available from the black market to inflict a similar rash on ourselves. The rash is common enough for pictures of it to be published in a medical journal so it can be identified by Doctors.

I figured out over time an important part of controlling Morgellons Disease was to keep the large pockets from developing. A hot shower/bath really helps drain them along with various soaps. If you have successfully killed the parasites in a particular area, the skin will start looking gray/black from the black fibers coming to the surface. When cleaning these wounds, I make sure and pull out the coiled dying skin around the entrance. I finally discovered the parasite coil was long and more like a root growing around the top. There have been a few occasions the entire root base would come out in 1 piece with sacs intermittently attached from the top to the bottom. (See Below) Upon further investigation, some of the yellow/white sacs held a black fiber in the middle. Larger sacs that come out of the wound not attached to this root have a long fiber tail. They look more like hair with a root mass attached. I keep treating the area daily until they are gone.

Morgellons Lesions are often round with a tubular root sac that circles the top
Morgellons Root Tube with Larvae

How did I know if the lesion is drained? The swollen skin around it reduces, and the color of the skin begins to turn to normal. In most cases, I would bleed profusely when I finally reached the bottom of the pocket. On several occasions, the blood was like a geyser shooting out of my skin. This is how I figured out that these parasites were hooking into my veins. I had other reasons to believe this: Like how were the infestations migrating so quickly if they weren't blood born? I also experienced the effect of putting mosquito spray on my hands or feet only moments later to feel movement on my head. I don't know if it's because I have so much swelling, but my absorption rate through my skin has been crazy fast. My veins are extremely swollen and irritated. I had 2 procedures at the hospital recently that required injectable medication. Both times were pure agony and it felt like they were putting acid in the IV. I had to be held down until the medicine put me to sleep! You need to be very careful what you put on your skin because of how easy migration or die-off occurs. You have probably been sick a lot lately and didn't even realize this was the cause. Feeling sick, exhausted, headaches, body pain, dizziness, hot flashes, fevers, and diarrhea are all part of it. I treat each sore instead of covering my whole body with heavy oil. I try to treat my face every time I apply oil or alcohol. I don't want my face or brain to become the desired location for migration. Keeping my eyes, ears, and nose clear is a daily effort. I will talk about my hearing and eyesight decline in another blog, but reducing the amount and size of the infected area is imperative. I believe they are the reproduction sites in your body.

I began to notice that the areas of infection had a larger rate of hair growth too. So I started to pay attention to all my hair and compare it to the fibers. The hair in these areas looks larger and thicker. The color of each individual hair was darker - black or even red/black. Then I found finer hair or fuzz mixed in with my head hair. I use the lice comb at night if my head is itching. I have discovered white blobs as well as black specs and fuzz. This fuzz seems to be fine hair but not attached to anything. It also looks a lot like the fibers coming out of my legs. Sometimes the fibers looked tied in knots or glued together in some way. The interesting part is that the color of the fuzz seemed to match the color of the clothing I was wearing or the blankets that I used. I began to believe the parasites must be eating the cloth and taking on the color of their dye. I had worn bright pink sweatpants for a day around the house. A week later the same colored fuzz started coming out in my hair. This was confirmation for me. First, it confirmed that the parasites were moving around my body, and secondly, they were definitely feeding on my clothing. The thicker or fuzzier the material - the more it seemed to affect the color of the masses under my skin and in my hair. They had clearly eaten the fuzz in my pink sweatpants then migrated to my scalp.

Because this really scared me, I wanted more evidence the fibers or roots masses were moving around my blood. If they were blood born, it was a much more serious infestation. One day, I watered down the blood that I drained out of a leg abscess. I could see a cloudy white substance and very tiny fibers in the fluid. These weren't as long or thick as the fibers attached to the parasites though. This is where it gets crazy and I made my first real discovery!! I dangled the fiber between my fingers and it came to life. The free end started swirling and dancing in the air. I turned off the ceiling fan to make sure there wasn't a draft. The swirling seemed to have a purpose. I held up another fiber and they started dancing towards each other. They finally connected at the tip and wound around each other. Now that made sense because of the intertwined fibers I was finding in my hair and wounds. I repeated this process many times. As my disease advanced, I started looking at the little masses coming out of my skin. The smaller ones had fiber in the center, but the larger worm-looking masses usually held several smaller blobs that looked like tiny bugs. Some of them eventually grew into a larger white/yellow/red ball of tissue with a longer fiber coming out the end. In time these sacs were taking shape and becoming more firm. I tried the same technique on them as the fibers in my blood. I have spent hours filming and watching these fibers swirling and dancing in the air. I finally figured out they were looking for a host. They swirled around and around until they found my finger or hand. They became less active as they dried out. If I held a wet finger in front of them they swirled straight for you - almost like they could smell the water. Their activity is greatly dependent upon moisture. I was correct about the fibers being drawn to moist areas of the body.

I have tried to document this and look at it from every angle. I have spent a year trying to get the research centers to respond to me. I have tried to take samples to several dermatologists and Vet clinics. I didn't realize the CDC calls this the "matchbox" sign. People with Delusional Parasitosis bring samples to their Doctors - this is the first sign of the mental disorder. Well, I would like to know: How the hell am I suppose to bring a sample or show the Doctors anything??? This has caused the Doctors either to reject them without looking OR to glance at them and throw them away. I understand that they need to take their own samples, but I thought they would want to look at both samples to compare them. Right? I had a Veterinarian tell me that getting a parasite sample is sometimes hard. You can take a skin sample but parasites/mites are quick and move around. This makes them hard to diagnose so Vets will sometimes treat animals based on the symptoms. If we were a dog showing signs of itchy skin, sores, patchy hair, and malaise, we would receive treatment for worms or parasites. Our pets would never be sent home with the diagnosis of delusional parasitosis. Can you imagine them saying, "Your dog is imagining parasites!" or, "You need to quit stuffing fibers under your dog's skin!"

I really started to focus on the tiny sacs. I needed to try and understand the different stages of this parasite. Parasites often change hosts as they grow so I had my work cut out for me. I was taking samples from everything in my environment. As l stated above, as the sacs grow some seem to grow a fiber tail. They almost look like a ball on the end of a root. Some of the larger sacs held the smaller balls but their fiber tails protruded from the sides. It seems they liked to hang out in clumps. At least this is my hypothesis of what I am finding. I tried the same technique on the clumps to see if they moved as well. You have to be careful that you don't kill them with your skin oils if you are trying to find movement. At first, I dangled the fiber while holding the attached sack. The same thing that I described above happened. However, they were bigger now so I could see more detail. When I held the fiber and dangled the sack - I was in for a shock!! At first, it just hung there - but then it started to shake. Eventually, it worked its way into a swing - back and forth trying to attach to my hand. With the clumps, I saw the fibers reposition themselves several times. They straightened themselves to become longer to reach my hand. I watched the sac itself move around and even flip over to reposition itself. They are definitely alive! The labs requesting samples will never see this. They quit moving within 10 minutes of leaving your skin - at least this phase of the parasite's life.

I need to share with you why I think they have been so hard to discover. This has taken me the longest to figure out. I will go into detail next week but the eggs are in a shaft until they develop into the sacks. I don't know how this all figures together but I keep finding white shafts with dark speckles all up and down inside. I think they dry out when they leave the skin. When I treat legs in the shower, I will get fibers that come out often tied in knots. I also get these hard clear/white tubes. If you magnify them you will see the speckles. This probably accounts for the reason the Medical tests never show positive because the eggs are protected. I also get these out of my nose. So pay attention to what you blow out your nose. The longer you have MD the more likely it will be for you to find them in your nostrils, ears, and eyelashes. If you don't believe me, please do one thing: put oil inside your ear and around your eyes. Please protect your hearing and your eyesight. If you don't - the inner ear infections/infestation will wipe you out. I have balance problems, memory and hearing issues, and my ears get so infected they swell up until they drain. PROTECT YOUR EYES & EARS!!

Morgellons' Sac releasing a Larvea with Fiber Tail
Morgellons Sac with Larvae and Fiber Tale

I guess it's time to put up or shut up!! I will try and add videos on YouTube and link them back to my blog in the next day or two. This is a very slow process for me. I wanted to give my research history to my videos before I released them. If this is the first post you see from my site, please go to my web page and read my entire blog. I am not a medical professional nor do I have training. This is why I have disclosed every decision I made and how I researched Morgellons. I have no doubt I have isolated what causes Morgellons Disease, but parasites have many phases of development. Identifying MD has been difficult for this reason. In the next month, I hope to link a gallery with all my pictures and videos. If anyone has any suggestions or ways to improve this site, please let me know. It's time that we work together and quit fighting this infestation alone. There is power in numbers and we need to stand together. Now we have evidence for our doctors that we are not Delusional!


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