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CHEMTRAILS: Do They Cause Morgellons Disease?

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

I started this website with the intent of proving wrong some of the CRAZY conspiracy theories surrounding Morgellons Disease (MD). I wanted to offer some hope and treatment options to the growing number of people suffering from MD. Many of the theories you read about on the internet are scary and don't offer any solutions. This winter I have gained a lot of insight through research and from all the invaluable feedback this website provided. I have had responses from people all over the world. They have shared what products have helped them, and also compared pictures of samples from their bodies and homes. I can tell you without a doubt, Morgellons Disease has spread to the entire world. There are members from Russia and India with whom I have communicated through an online translator. We have members from Japan, Hong Kong, Africa, Australia, Canada, France, etc. Based on web activity alone - Morgellons isn't a rare disease as stated by the CDC. This broad database of feedback has helped me draw a few conclusions and has also educated me. I was naïve in my views and have continued to grow in my understanding of Morgellons. I am not a Doctor but my opinions that I share are theories based off of actual evidence I have seen and confirmed from others around the world. Science is always adapting as we learn and I have no problem admitting when I have been wrong. This isn't about me or my ego - it's about finding a cure or treatment for Morgellons. In this post we are going to discuss a controversial topic: Do Chemtrails cause Morgellons Disease?

Because I am not a Scientist, I will share what I have learned and let you draw your own conclusions. I had to face reality about Chemtrails. I had never seen them in rural Idaho and it was hard to fathom that anyone would deliberately pollute our skies. This makes zero sense to me because it affects every living creature on this earth. Before the pandemic I still believed our country would always protect their citizens. In my mind thinking anything else would be shameful. I don't want to disappoint any readers or take away your Hope, but I have had to come to terms that We The People are being kept in the dark. I believe in Democracy 100%. People should be in charge of their own country - the US isn't a dictatorship. My first realization came after watching a documentary on Agent Orange and Vietnam. I couldn't sleep after finding out that our government was responsible for poisoning entire jungles which lead to mass death and destruction. After learning about this, I decided it was time to open my eyes. Agent Orange has caused mass birth defects in Vietnam because we polluted all of their ground water. I know war has consequences but damaging an entire echo system with no regard to future generations is wrong. Period. A few people in charge shouldn't be able to make decisions that affect everyone's lives for years to come. I am not knocking our War Veterans. They have suffered from Agent Orange as well! I had to realize that the U.S. has a government consisting of ordinary people that can be miss-informed or manipulated about topics that they have little knowledge. Most people want to do the right thing. Don't be mislead with half stories or false information. I can't stress this enough: do your own research and think for yourself. If you are shamed for asking questions, be suspicious! There is no shame in TRUTH!!

I didn't believe in chemtrails until I witnessed them first hand. I had been guilty of letting the news media tell me what to think! I picked up my son from work one night when there was a full moon and clear skies. I exited my car and noticed a huge contrail overhead that didn't dissipate. The week before my son and I had witnessed a large military helicopter zigzagging over our town. Because we are rural and have little air traffic, it was very noticeable. Our airport is tiny with poor visibility and rarely has any activity at night. Privately owned planes in the area are small and only fly during the day with good weather. When we returned to my car, my son and I could see a 2nd low-hanging contrail. I instantly knew what they were and was shocked. By the time I reached my home a 3rd plane was flying over my house producing a 3rd chemtrail. I was really frightened when I could smell the chemicals. They were low flying and I irrationally wondered if we were being exterminated! I was panicked and that night I began my new mission of surveillance. The next day the air outside smelled like a match - sulfur. It burned my eyes and caused them to be sensitive. Our weather immediately changed to a low hanging fog which isn't common for this area. I began researching everything I could find regarding weather manipulation. I spent hours reading US Patents and Science publications about current technology. I discovered a Geo-Engineering site that is quite educational:

Because Edward Snowden released information about the classified project of weather manipulation, President Obama was forced to admit the existence of cloud seeding in 2014.

He did a press release that stated: “Geoengineering is necessary for our country’s agricultural industries and keeps millions of Americans employed every year. Our efforts in high altitude microwave technology at HAARP combined with the innovations in cloud seeding technology introduced by the jet fuel industry gives the American People a level of control over the elements unprecedented in the history of mankind. American Scientists are quickly approaching capabilities which will not only curb global climate change, but also to put an end to disastrous hurricanes and typhoons.” President Obama actually stated that our government is modifying our weather by techniques introduced by the jet fuel industry. In other words, they are dispersing substances into the air to cause clouds to condense and form rain or snow - the very definition of cloud seeding. Do you think the jet fuel industries main priority is our health or their profit margin? And why does the news media act like this is a conspiracy theory?

The Government has weather modification patents that date back over a 100 years. Patents for spraying our atmosphere with chemicals to reflect the sun date back to the 90's. Copy and paste the following address in your browser to view US Patent 5003186:

This patent details the use of Aluminum Oxide and Thorium Oxide to reflect the sun and heat. Other patents reveal that aluminum tolerant seeds have already been invented due to the increasing levels of aluminum in our soil. I think it's common sense that our farmers will have a hard time growing crops in contaminated soil. There are around 200 patents dealing with Geoengineering and weather modification programs. You can learn about them at the following link:

The chemicals being used by Geoengineering have side effects. There is a lot of data online so I won't go into anything more than what I have experienced. My home town resides in a deep valley that is adjacent to the Dworshak Reservoir. This concrete dam is over 700 ft tall and the lake is over 50 miles long. I couldn't figure out why my rural community was being targeted for weather modification as there isn't a lot of farming. I think it's important for us to familiarize ourselves with the patents so we can recognize what is happening in our environment. The patents cover many Geoengineering plans ranging from chemicals or dust particles in our sky, to laser techniques used on clouds by DARPA, and many chemical additives to our water, air, soil, and ocean floors. Nothing is off limits including our food and clothing. At the bottom of the page are links to a few of these patents so you can read them yourself.

One of the patents I found explains why we had such a severe winter this year. It details how to use a large man-made object next to a body of water to remove warmth from the surrounding community to increase water evaporation. We had temperatures in the single digits this year which isn't the norm. Think about it for a second: water freezes at 32 degrees. How much moisture could possibly be floating around the air when it's 7 degrees? When I found the patent I knew the Dam was the reason our town was selected. In single digit weather we had large volumes of snow. It was heavier, frozen snow due to the cold temps. The heavy snow caved in my Gazebo and busted off branches from the trees behind my home. I also watched trees randomly fall from the weight of the ice while driving down the highway. I am sure it caused damage to our forests as well. I have lived here my entire life and have never seen this much damage from snow. Dead fish washed up on the river banks the next day. This leads me to believe that they were treating the water with chemicals to increase the evaporation rate for increased snow fall. I read several patents describing this exact process. I don't know what else they were doing in our area, but our government truly believes we are stupid if they think a rural community won't notice military helicopters, drones, unmarked Government vehicles, and low flying aircraft.

Many of us are being affected by the chemical sprays. Our town sits in the bottom of a valley and our air quality is affected by the atmospheric inversion. When this happens the air pressure pushes the sprayed chemicals down and the surrounding mountains confine them to the base of the valley. In other words, the chemicals can't dissipate and pollutes the air we breathe. They are making people and animals sick. The last picture above shows a dark cloud spreading over the town. You can see the gas in the air with visible blue skies in the background. When the darker gas is released, I suffer from severe headaches and the veins in my head swell. I can't touch or move my hair without pain. It is very scary. The 2nd picture above has sulfur in the air like an active volcano. They call this process "stratospheric sulfate aerosol injection." When NASA started a study on the stratosphere, they discovered that the small sulfur particulates from rupturing volcanoes actually cooled the earth. Not only does sulfur cause a red sky, but it also smells like a lit match. When you see beautiful red skies, ask yourself if they are the sun setting in the west? If they aren't a sunset then you either live by an active volcano or you have something polluting your sky.

The 1st picture above looks like spaghetti noodles. There is no way that is natural. Clouds are made of water droplets or ice crystals. I now pay attention to the cloud formations. When I was a kid, we used to lay on the ground and imagine what form the cloud represented. Every cloud was different - they never lined up like long noodles. How can floating water droplets form into anything other than random shapes? The streaks in the sky represent the flight pattern of the plane or drone that spread them. There are many different techniques for treating the skies. The first picture below looks more like fall out from perhaps a rocket? I have watched 3 or 4 rockets in the last few months. The second picture below looks like it was created by a laser. I suspect the DARPA military laser was involved, but what do I know? I recently watched a documentary about another piece of military equipment that looks like a cargo container. It sprays chemicals that cover the surrounding area and eventually creates rain. We see a lot of dark clouds that originate from the reservoir. They are kind of ominous as they engulf the blue skies over our town. The last picture above shows the lighter skies behind the dark gas. It's very noticeable so they have started spraying the darker chemicals at night. The 3rd picture below shows the dark clouds with the moon exposing their brown color. When I see the brown moon, I head for home and close down my house. It's the most toxic of everything they spray. Different chemicals produce different skies with different side effects. At the end of May we had a very low thunder storm. They were so low that the thunder literally sounded like a gun being fired. When I went to make sure it was only thunder, I saw the typical dark gray storm clouds but they were brown in the center. How does floating water droplets turn brown??

I sent letters to our State Congress and contacted my City Government. I discovered that the Idaho Legislature just passed into law a cloud seeding program with Idaho Power Co with

the Idaho Water Resource Board running the operation. Idaho Code 42-4301. The program is

called SNOWIE: Seeded and Natural Orographic Wintertime Clouds: The Idaho Experiment.

Their public research has revolved around setting flares in the sky with silver iodide. This isn’t

toxic but what I have witnessed is spraying - not flares. The Idaho Code offers the general

public no protection. They can spray just about anywhere for any reason including for

recreational purposes. The code also allows them further research with no restrictions and NO LIABILITY: “The act of cloud seeding pursuant to a project funded in whole or in part by the state of Idaho or authorized by the state water resource board shall not be the basis of any claim of liability, including but not limited to trespass or public or private nuisance, and shall not

require any state or local permits.” Title 42, Idaho Code. Huh?? Idaho is a very conservative state. If they just signed away everyone's liability in regards to experimental chemical spraying,

every person reading this blog should be upset. If Idaho has done this, what has your state approved?

I received confirmation from my state representative that there are several groups altering the weather. It's in everyone's best interest to protect the earth - so why all the cover up and secret spraying at night? No laws currently exist to regulate weather modification programs. Is this the reason for secrecy? I learned the military is responsible for a large part of it. Agricultural groups have programs in place to aid farmers during droughts as well. Idaho is a good example of how the State, several Universities, and the NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) are participating in weather research programs together. I think it's safe to assume the real reason for secrecy is because the programs don't want to be regulated. Right now they are free to experiment on us and the environment in any way they want. In fact our agricultural program is supposedly linked to our National security. This is what the military claims so they have the right to experiment with whatever they want with no liability. No one is setting boundaries for our safety and no one is testing the results of their work. Did we not learn anything from Agent Orange? We have terrorists making it across our border and fentanyl is pouring in from China and killing our youth. What is so top secret about our agricultural department other than they don't want us expressing concerns about what we breathe??

I have read in many places that Morgellons is caused by chemtrails. I am not a scientist with a laboratory that can verify this theory. I have not seen evidence published anywhere showing direct correlation of particles falling out of the sky turning into parasites. Because I know that what goes up must come down, I have been monitoring my furnace filter as well. According to the patents, aluminum and other dust particles are being sprayed into the atmosphere to reflect or block the sun rays. Increased dust levels present in weather Satellite pictures provide the evidence. My home has suddenly become a magnet for dust even during our rainy, wet spring weather. I used to change my furnace filter every 3 months. Now I change it every 3 weeks and have added portable air filters to each bedroom. There is not another logical reason for our current dust levels. Deep valleys surrounded by mountains don't usually have a lot of wind because the mountains and timber operate as a natural wind break. Most of the ground is covered with plants or timber, and the terrain isn't suitable for farming. With little wind or exposed earth, where did the dust come from this spring?

I have been researching Morgellons for many years and infested since 2011. My insight to this disease comes from almost dying due to the neurological problems caused by MD. With God's help I have committed myself to researching and understanding how it was created and how to treat and recover from this horrible infestation. Through this process I have developed a different theory from the main stream research centers and websites. Morgellons first started infecting people in the early 90s. Nano technology was in it's early development in that time period. In 2000 President Clinton launched the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) and it was funded by Congress for the first time in 2001. In 2003 Congress enacted the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act. This act established programs, funding, authorized Agency responsibility and promoted research. In 2005 the California Institute of Technology developed theories for "DNA-based computation and algorithmic self-assembly" embedded in nanocrystal growth. A strategy for environmental research was published by the NNI in 2008. The New York University in 2009 created several DNA-like robotic nanoscale assembly devices. By 2010 IBM created a new methodology for generating nanoscale patterns and structures at greatly reduced cost and complexity. This opened the door for advancement in electronics and medicine. I don't believe that nanotechnology was advanced enough in the 90's to be mass-produced and spread in chemtrails with the purpose of infecting humanity. Several theories believe that Morgellons is a self-assembling and self-replicating biological nanobot infestation. Others believe that carbon nanotubes and their content is creating a network under our skin that will later take control of our bodies. There are many different versions of this theory but I don't believe the development of nanotechnology fits the same timeline as the initial spread of Morgellons Disease. The NNI website gives a great timeline of the creation and advancement of Nanotechnology:

Morgellons is a very complicated disease. I suspected in the beginning when I first started researching it, that there might be several different layers to this disease. The fibers confused me because they weren't all the same. Some fibers looked like they came out of my clothing. Other fibers were a reddish black and thicker than my hair. They hurt to pull out and felt like they were anchored to my skin. The long white dancing fibers are slender in comparison but still different from my body hair. One day in the back yard I found a stuffed animal chewed up by my dog. I could see Morgellons larva all over the scattered fiber fill. I decided to wait until the next day to clean up the mess. I was hoping the freezing night air would kill the larva. When I went back to pick up the stuffing, I was happy to see all the larva were gone. When I picked up the 1st clump of fibers it seemed stuck to the ground. I moved to the next pile and it was stuck too. I bent down so I could see and discovered every individual thread was sewn into the soil. That's when I realized the larva was packing the fibers with them into the soil. It was a hassle to clean-up. I have previously theorized that Morgellons larva were eating or packing fibers from clothing into my skin. Now I had proof and took a video while I was trying to pull the stuffing out of the soil If anyone would like a copy of this video, please let me know.

I felt this was important to share because I don't doubt the fibrous material I have found in my furnace has ended up in my skin. It is all over my house. I am doing the best I can to keep the air filtered and floors vacuumed. However, when I had COVID both my daughter and I found small black fibers in our mucous that looked the same as those in my furnace filter. Whatever particles that are being sprayed over us are finding their way into our bodies. It would be silly to think that the larva weren't packing them into our skin as well. It's all over outside so our pets are eating them when they clean their paws and lick their fur. I use a lint remover constantly. This lets me keep track of what is coming out of my skin and what I am picking up in the environment. I also, lint roll the inside of my clothing occasionally so I can tell what debris is coming out of my body OR if the fabric is infested before I wear it. Finding the stuffed animal in the back yard helped me understand the behavior of the Morgellons larva. It also explains some of the vast differences in our symptoms. Morgellons seems to affect some people worse than others for many different reasons. Over the years MD seems to be changing and getting worse. At the bottom of the page are direct links to some of the patents for weather modification - one of them is specifically for nanotechnology. In no way am I trying to say that nanoparticles and other chemicals are not being showered upon us.

The Video above is two drones flying over the reservoir. I added this because many people think if they don't see any aircraft overhead then there aren't any chemtrails. This couldn't be further from the truth. When I witnessed the helicopter zigzagging over our neighborhood I didn't understand what it was doing. A month later we no longer had planes flying over the top of us but I could still smell the chemicals and see the dust. If you don't live in a valley you may not smell anything as the spray dissipates quickly. I was trying to gather videos of the planes spraying so I was constantly watching the sky in the evening. I noticed stars that seemed to flash blue, red and white lights. They obviously weren't stars so I started paying closer attention and realized they had taken the place of the spraying helicopters. I learned that large drones have been developed for agricultural use. In fact, many drones can fly unmanned at the same time. The zigzagging helicopter I witnessed must have been recording his flight pattern. These flight patterns are then downloaded into the drones and they set the altitude to how high they want the drones to fly. I magnified the video above so you can see the whirring of the lights. These are much larger drones than what I usually see. You need to watch your skies for the flashing stars. I have been a little worried they are using the drones for more than just spraying chemtrails. I am in rural Idaho and our skies are loaded with them. Once you figure out how to identify them, you will easily spot them.

I have dedicated a lot of time in research to write this blog. I have tackled a few subjects that I knew nothing about. When I thought I had it figured out a year ago, I knew nothing. In the next few days I will publish another blog. I ask you all to download a copy so if we experience any interference, you will have access to the information. I am going to write it in the same format as this one with links to all the data and evidence. It's important to me that we all understand what is happening around us. The part that really upsets me is that we are being treated as if we are dispensable. These chemicals undoubtedly cause medical problems or they wouldn't be working so hard to hide them. Do they think we want the planet to burn up?? If our planet is in some type of trouble, our government needs to tell us. I looked up the EPA air quality ratings for Idaho and they make no mention of any of the weather modifying pollutants. Our current government is big on equity - we hear about it all time. I wonder how many poor or disabled people have state of the art ventilation systems in their homes? Or how many low income families live in older homes with little insulation and single pain windows like myself? Several times this winter the fumes were so bad that I wore a face mask with a wet paper towel tucked inside to filter the air! This was better than breathing the fumes with unknown consequences... Chemtrails are real and we need to stand up and demand transparency with our Government and Military. We need to remind them that they work for us!

1999 Satellite Use to Collect and Steer Solar Energy

2007 Solar Dust Shield to Counter Global Warming ie: Spreading Dust Layer in Atmosphere

2010 Atmospheric Injection of Reflective Aerosol to Mitigate Global Warming

2014 Apparatus to Channel Large Air Masses for Climate Modification

2016 Method and Device for Producing Snow

2017 Apparatus and System for Smart Seeding within Cloud Formations: Cloud seeding by the dispersion of micro and nanoparticles of Sodium Chloride and similar chemical compounds

2019 Rain Induced by Supercontinuum Laser Beams

2021 Planetary Weather Modification System: The use of unmanned solar-powered aerial vehicles that communicate via network and receive flight instructions to fly in close formation and work in congruence to modify planet weather


++++Remember, this site is FREE and we don't advertise. I created this site so we could support each other. No one's information will ever be sold! The Public Discussion tab at the top of the page is for everyone. The Members tab offers a Forum that is more private and all the information is blocked from the Google Search Engine. Membership is also FREE and includes a members page where you can share your story. ++A phone application, Spaces by Wix, is also free to download and includes better access to the website, Shared Galleries, and a chat feature for members. Please visit our Home page for a list of Blog Posts and Video Evidence!


+++DISCLOSURE: I am not a Doctor, Lawyer, or Scientist. This website is a social support site and by no means takes the place of your Doctor or professional help. I express my own religious beliefs and tell my own personal experiences in struggling with Morgellons Disease. I do not represent the comments or recommendations posted by members or visitors on this site. I have not validated nor looked into any person's opinion or statements. You accept full responsibility for the consequences of your use of any information provided on or through this website. You agree to do your own research and use your own judgement, including talking to your Doctor, before trying any recommended product or procedure. I assume no liability for any supplement or recommended, alternative treatment from this website. This blog is nothing more than a compilation of my own real life experiences and personal opinions. It is a place for us to come together and share our stories. Socializing is a form of Entertainment. We want to remind everyone to be respectful and acknowledge the vast differences in religious and political beliefs. This information provided through this website is for educational, informational and entertainment purposes only. ALWAYS TALK TO YOUR PHARMACIST OR MEDICAL PROVIDER BEFORE TAKING NEW SUPPLEMENTS OR NATURAL REMEDIES!! THEY CAN POTENTIALLY HAVE NEGATIVE INTERACTIONS WITH YOUR CURRENT MEDICATION! In case of an emergency your medical chart should contain a list of everything you take including supplements and prescription medications.

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16. 3. 2023

I believe this parasite has been introduced through water in our inviorment,chem trials, rain, city water,

Water damage to home is when I noticed this problem start. I also believe it has some conection to fungus or mold either way now battling it is definitely what's at hand. Ty for this site and all the wealth of info shared I feel like I am dying. I spotted it when it started n it has gone full Circle n my dogs are suffering. Ty for many ideas & actions that have seemed to work in a positive mannar.

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Neznámý člen
07. 2. 2023

Mam that was an EXCELLENT article,you have done your research and it gives me alot of hope ! A few things.First I will tell you these demons in charge are spraying us with more sinister things than just cloud seeding chemicals. They only admit this because they tell 1 truth to hide a million lies.

I challenge anyone to do this experiment. Take a high powered fluorescent light and shine it into the night sky and observe the blanket of synthetic polymers floating in the air.During the day time ,around 12 in the afternoon on a clear day look up at the sun and hold your hand up to block the sun's glow and observe the millions of tiny synt…

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Neznámý člen
13. 1. 2023

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Neznámý člen
15. 10. 2022

Thank you so much for your work

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Neznámý člen
14. 8. 2022

Dang! That was one of the best articles, if not the best, I have ever read about the reality of chemtrails, Morgellons etc. I just happened upon your page during one of my late night researching sessions and I am thoroughly impressed! At the beginning of 2020 I started to get sick. After many doctors visits, an autoimmune disease diagnosis, several very expensive biologic medications and no reduction in illness, I began my own research. Two plus years later, I have learned way more than I ever thought possible. Your post is 100% correct according to my research, plus you gave me some new information. I no longer believe that my body just decided to attack itself for no reason.…

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Neznámý člen
19. 11. 2022
Reakce na

I'm kinda all over the place, but am so glad to have found you! These are pics of what may be the 'insect phenomenon'...?

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