2021 Morgellons: My Path to Recovery & Treatment Options

Updated: Sep 5

Morgellons has been a mysterious disease that has confused and stumped the medical

centers for years. I started this blog because I was determined to find a logical explanation and share my experiences. I have told you about my journey tracking Morgellons but I haven't told you the treatments I have tried or how I have healed my body to the point of functioning in life again!! As this adds to a person's credibility, I should have shared this information first. In this blog, I am going to tell you my personal story and the road I have traveled for recovery. I have delayed sharing some of this information out of embarrassment - but that is precisely why this disease has stayed in the shadows for so long. The CDC claims this is an extremely rare disease with few cases nationwide. With the amount of activity this website has received, I can tell you that is an absolute joke. I will not let shame hold me back any longer. Morgellons is an all-invasive disease that is contagious, infects anything organic, and has required a complete overhaul of my body and home to regain control of my life. This is my story...

3.5 yrs ago I had a seizure in my front yard and quit breathing. My teenage kids took action and while one of them gave me CPR, the other one phoned 911. It was terrifying for them. I have an autoimmune disease with degenerative discs in my back which has caused me to be on a lot of pain medication. At the time Morgellons scars and lesions were covering my legs, arms, back, butt, and face. When I woke up in the hospital, I was in the hot seat because the Doctor assumed I was a drug addict. No matter what my daughter told them - the hospital would not believe that I hadn't overdosed until my drug test came back negative. I was still confronted by the Doctor the next day and I didn't know what to say. How about this? I have bugs in my arms and I have been digging them out? Or, I have Morgellons and I have decided to find the cause? I knew better than to say anything regarding Morgellons. I have kids with potential child custody issues. I lied to the Dr and told him I had bad skin from my autoimmune disease. The Doctor was angry and could tell I wasn't being honest. This put a lot of stress on me because I live in a small town and gossip spreads like wildfire. And boy did the overdose rumor grow and spread.... However, this turned out to be a life-changing situation for me. Because I was scared and embarrassed, I decided it was time to make changes in my life.

I also knew that it was just a matter of time before the police came calling. I know how gossip works in my small town so I had no doubt they would come knocking on my door in the near future. I was worthy of big gossip too! People love when successful individuals fall. I had been very successful in business, especially in rural America. So the rumors spread quickly that I was an overdosing, drug addict. Who wouldn't want to talk about that? Of course, my negative drug test was never part of the gossip! Prior to getting sick, I had acquired almost a million dollars in real estate, developed a subdivision, flipped several homes, and renovated an old fire station for commercial office space - mostly while being a single woman. I was the manager of 2 mortgage offices and worked for one of the nation's top 10 Morgage Banks. I was their #1 FHA lender bank-wide in 2006. My reward was a trip to Puerto Vallarta the next year but I was too sick to enjoy it!!

Just like anything else, I tried to tackle my illness head-on. But when you have as much stress in your life that my employment brought, it was not an easy task. I tried everything the Doctors recommended including flying to New York City to see a specialist and spent 3 weeks at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. I had almost died from a reaction to auto-immune regulators and was hospitalized for several weeks. I was in such bad shape I was given 120 mg of steroids intravenously for 2 weeks then sent home on the max dose. Guess what happened? I developed severe Cushing's Syndrome which destroyed my bones - including my teeth. After many dental problems, failed root canals and broken teeth I decided to get implants. I cashed in $39,000 of my 401K and proceeded to surgery. The Surgeon was more than happy to take my money but failed to disclose that I was a poor candidate for implants due to my health and low bone density. Less than a year later I was in the hospital again diagnosed with "failure to thrive." When they discovered the infection in my sinus cavity and jaw, all of the implants were removed. At the lovely age of 39 I had to get dentures. And as if the situation couldn't get any worse, my lower gum was destroyed after they removed the bottom implants so I could only wear an upper denture. As you can all imagine, I finally crumbled. Within the year I was deemed to be disabled and quit working.

I downsized into one of my rental homes and felt sorry for myself. As if that wasn't enough, right? The home I moved into was infested with Morgellons. I had lost my job, my teeth, my looks, and now was telling family members I had bugs in my skin! They believed I had lost my mind. I laid down in life for a few years and became a recluse. I ended my marriage and moved closer to my parents. I was only too happy to take all the pain medicine prescribed to me because it numbed my emotions. My kids were the only thing that kept me alive. And then the day came when they had to see me die in the front yard from a massive seizure - what a wake-up call! Because I had turned away from God, I had to beg for forgiveness. I was in over my head with Morgellons and asked God to help me. I promised Him that I would give Him the credit if He could help me figure out Morgellons. I quit all pain meds which helped my brain to function again. This was a very hard and painful experience considering I had 3 compression fractions in my back thanks to CPR. 6 months later I gave up on the medical community because they couldn't help me as long as the CDC took the stance that Morgellons was "Delusional Parasitosis." I decided to visit a Homeopathic Center in Boise, ID. They started me in the right direction with supplements and I let God continue to guide me in recovery.

Because I am disabled, I can't afford expensive treatments but that hasn't seemed to hinder my treatment. When I was still struggling with brain fog, I could feel God working in my life. For example, I had a fire in my attic last year. It didn't do a lot of damage but I had to have the insulation replaced. In the cleanup process, we discovered my furnace and ductwork were defective. A month later when my air conditioning unit quit working, I reached out to the Community Action Agency because the summer heat was making me sick. I had spent all my money on the fire deductible and was hoping I could get help with a wall A/C unit. To my surprise, they inspected my existing heat system and installed a new furnace with central air. They also relocated the ductwork under my home which dried out the crawlspace. Within 2 months I had all new insulation, a new heating/cooling system and my crawl space was no longer a breeding ground for parasites! I could never afford all that!

God wasn't done yet. I was struggling to pay my bills and cover the fire deductible. To make matters worse, the entire month of July the compressor on my A/C unit was burning up and I didn't know it. It caused my power bill to be crazy high and I was broke. I sold a few items on eBay to help cover these costs. A complete stranger from California mailed me an extra $500 after she purchased a lamp from me. I cried and thanked God for His help. I also sincerely asked Him what He wanted me to do and I immediately felt the need to share my story. So I am! I have never created a blog or web page before. But with help from my son, we got the job done! I will quit talking about my life, but I wanted to give everyone some hope. If God can help me with my mess - He can help you too!

I have shared the importance of cleaning your environment for successful treatment. I have shared everything I have done to my home in previous blogs. Die-off can be severe and if you don't treat your home, you could be creating a vicious cycle. I wanted to bring you a simple solution but I don't have one. Remember these are bugs that lay a huge number of eggs and have complicated life cycles. It will take time to feel better. So whatever treatment you do, stick to it. There are many ways to kill a bug - you need to find the best one for your body. For example, I am uncomfortable swallowing items sold for my pets. I have had so many medical problems, I am scared to try most things. My approach is all-natural and may work with supplements you are already taking. Everyone's body is different with its own list of medical problems. Ask God to guide you and find someone to help you like a Homeopathic Doctor or Health Food Store. I am learning a lot about Herbs/Oils but I am not an expert or Doctor. Ask a ton of questions so you know how they will affect you. And above all else: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. I try every supplement 1 at a time. How else do you know which ingredients work or which one caused an