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Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Morgellons Disease (MD) is a multi-system infestation that has spread to the point of becoming a worldwide pandemic. This disease is so complicated that the CDC has closed its file on the subject. What? That's correct. The CDC originally paid for a small amount of research and ultimately concluded that Morgellons was Delusional Parasitosis. They wanted MD to be treated as a Mental Illness. The CDC published the symptoms and even pictures of the Morgellons rash to ensure Doctors could swiftly and easily make the diagnosis of Morgellons. Why did they do this? Was this a cover-up for something else? I didn't use to believe in conspiracy theories and have dismissed most of them this past year. I have leaned on my faith in God and have tried to use common sense along with Probability to guide me in my search for the cause of Morgellons. I have always been bothered by the pictures presented by the CDC and research centers. If MD is delusional, how can we all have a similar rash? Nothing should be the same for patients that live in different States and even from the opposite ends of the world. This should have been the very1st hint to the CDC that Morgellons was very real. In light of the suspected cover-up from the CDC regarding the COVID Virus and China, I have decided to re-examine my research on Morgellons. Due to the pressure, I have been receiving online that I am WRONG, I am embarrassed to admit that I caved. I didn't want to mislead anyone and potentially cause someone to suffer longer. I have clear evidence of the source of Morgellons but chose to be a coward. After watching the news yesterday, I decided it was time to release what I have discovered. I will refrain from making any accusations, but I will show you the evidence and let you make your own interpretations. Morgellons is in your home, the dirt and trees, and is infecting animals as well as people. MD is a huge pandemic that is spreading around the world in silence due to the fear of being diagnosed with Delusional Parasitosis.

Yellow and Black Morgellons Larva with Fibers in the Yard

The Picture to the left has Morgellons larva on the edge of the yard. They love moss as it's always moist. In the upper right corner, you can see a dried-up charcoal-colored larva. The smaller cream, gold, and black larva are visible and have the same shape. The upper left corner shows the white fibers. I tried to enhance them for visibility. My puppy kept packing in the bark from the flower garden. I noticed the floor around my Dog's bed was getting worse and my legs were developing more lesions. Because I assumed the bark was the source, I started wondering about the trees and brush outside. Last fall I found fibers in my furniture and yard, but I didn't know if it was growing in the yard or if it was falling off my dog in the yard. Kind of like what came first - the chicken or the egg? I had also found a few pieces of moss on my floor. That lead me to find the small nest in the picture above. I recognized them immediately due to the shape of the larva and intermingling fibers. I have never found a nest or clump without fibers. In fact, you may already be finding nests and are assuming they are clumps of pet hair. Nests will be full of black specs and silver fibers with some yellow/cream larva sacks.

The bark was blood red when broke in half.  You could see the Morgellons Larva and Fibers.  The yellow sacs were larger and surrouding wood was dark red.  The fibers intertwined inside the bark and the wood felt spongy.

After breaking a piece of bark in half that my dog packed in, I was shocked to find the wood was blood red. It had large streaks of bright yellow that looked like the Morgellon worms/sacs that come out of your skin. The bark felt soft and spongy. In the bottom right you can see the fibers and gray larva. The red/black larva on the yellow streaks is easy to see. I actually ran this underwater and expected blood to run. This didn't happen but the dark red color was pretty surprising. I went a step further and removed a branch growing out the top of an exposed tree root. I then dumped hydrogen peroxide all over it and waited 10 minutes. I took a video of what I discovered. It's completely shocking! See the attached Video.

Sorry, I am not a better videographer! Because I have had my entire property sprayed for pests, I can't replace the video. I don't know if the spraying was effective long-term but it has helped for now. These pictures and videos tell us so much. Please notice all the fibers and the different size larva along with sacs. I have had samples of this looked at by 3 Vets, 4 Exterminators, and 2 Universities. No one can tell me what it is. I had my dog spayed this spring and her incision was attacked by Morgellons larva. The vet did tell me after looking at them under a microscope that they reminded him of a fly. Wow!! That takes us back to the 1st scientist that discovered them! I hold samples of all of this and they are growing in test tubes. It's amazing to me that I don't have a yard full of scientists in white coats trying to figure this out!

Now I am going to change hats. How many years do thousands of people have to wait for help? I was recently told the CDC has closed its file on Morgellons! They literally have called us crazy then turned their backs on us when they were proven wrong. I was also told a few weeks ago by a research center that the CDC is really nice now. The "Old CDC" did all of this and I should move on. Their exact words were, "That was then and this is now." I was dumbfounded because the CDC destroyed the chance for most of us to get health care. The research center was very nice but I am not OK with the CDC leaving thousands to suffer. This has been going on for over a decade. I am not wealthy - especially after losing my career due to Morgellons. I can't afford to travel to a Doctor that "believes" in Morgellons. I did visit a Homeopathic Doctor that has helped me more than anyone. However, without the CDC intervening, how are we supposed to get medical coverage with insurance? The CDC has no idea how big of a problem this is. They have shamed many of the Morgellons community into silence. Most are afraid of being diagnosed as delusional and some won't even use their real name online. I receive questions frequently about the privacy of this site. And due to the delusional parasitosis label put out by the CDC, people seeking medical care for MD are usually misdiagnosed. How could the CDC have any idea of the true number of people infected? Morgellons has been left to spread like wildfire - AND BOY HAS IT!! By the amount of activity my website has received from around the world, I can tell you we are already in the midst of the Morgellons Pandemic.

Don't you love how it was recently announced that Morgellons Disease was linked to Lyme's Disease and Tick-Borne illnesses through bacteria? Didn't we already know this? Only this time the announcement was added with weight and a number of researchers signed on. In the past year, we have seen these "Big Announcements", especially after the COVID outbreak. A large number of scientists confirmed that COVID came from a bat and wasn't lab-created. They were trying to shut down all the opposing viewpoints with Expert Testimony. We know Morgellons has the same bacteria as Lyme's Disease. I think current researchers have tunnel vision and can't see past linking Morgellons with Lyme's Disease. Isn't it possible that many woodland insects or rodents carry the same bacteria? They all live in the same damp environment. I am sure wet logs, brush, and soil have many opportunities for bacteria to spread. Morgellons and Lyme disease will have similarities due to common bacteria. However, the true source needs to be discovered. That has been my goal. We will never cure it if we don't control the source.

I have read all the theories online about nanobot technology and chemtrails. I have a little different viewpoint based on my discoveries. I can't debunk those theories but I can tell you exactly what I have found. You will need to decide how it fits together. I have discovered a bug that is acting like a parasite. The video shows you several forms. It is living in your clothing, furniture, beds, and homes. I think it must have been here several hundreds of years ago and we knocked it out with heavy chemicals. I know our ecosystem is upside down so perhaps we have knocked out its natural predator. As a kid I used to see many Salamandors running around - today there are very few. We caught one a few weeks ago and were so surprised to find out they are almost endangered in the Rocky Mountains. Things like this could cause an insect to get out of control. In the 80s/90s eating organic became a lot more popular as well. That means no chemicals. The fewer chemicals we use the more bug outbreaks we will see. The resurgence of the bed bug is a good example of this. In this environment, animals eating underbrush and plants growing in infested soil would make an opportunity for a parasite to grow and spread. This would be the natural way for people to become infected - eating infected fruits and veggies. Chickens and cows eating bugs and grass are infected as well. It has already been proven cows have a disease with the same spiral bacteria as Morgellons. Perhaps eating infected organic meat cooked "rare" is another source of infestation. I don't know this for sure, but I did order 1/4 beef that was raised on wild grasslands. The cow had never been treated for anything and the grass was never sprayed for weeds or bugs. I know this is factual because I purchased it from a family friend. When I cooked one of the steaks before it was frozen, I was shocked at what came out. I have trouble eating beef to this day.

Morgellons Parasites Create a Shell out of Fibers to Hide
Morgellons Larva in Fiber Shell

A few years ago I sent the CDC pictures of the parasite I had discovered. I was sternly told that it didn't exist in the USA and to call my Doctor. I was angry but had to think about this for a moment. The CDC is in existence to protect the general public. They were interested in my call until they saw the picture. They either lied and had no idea what it was, OR they knew exactly what it was and didn't want to talk about it. If you think about all of their actions overall, I have to wonder. We have seen many illnesses over the years. When has the CDC ever written off so many people that clearly display medical problems? There are medical professionals and nursing staff with Morgellons too. The skin lesions look similar and most of us are expelling fibers. None of this is normal. It's not logical to think thousands of people are stuffing fibers under their skin - and it's impossible because I tried. When you bleed it pushes the fibers out. I guess this shows my dedication!! So I will ask again, why would the CDC ignore Morgellons? Why would they throw the illness under the bus to all the medical community? What are they hiding? Is this like the COVID Virus and the CDC is trying to hide potential culpability? Or has our military been experimenting again with bioweapons? This wouldn't be the 1st time. I live in an area where the government has transplanted wildlife NOT NATIVE to the area. This means they don't have natural predators and they quickly grow to populations that cause problems for the native wildlife. Our government needs to leave Mother Nature alone and this includes weaponizing, modifying, or transplanting insects and bacteria.

I am going to take this one step further. The US imports many products. California has inspection sites at its border to ensure visitors don't have any potential hitchhikers in fruit from out of state. What's to say we don't have hitchhiking parasites in our imported food and products? We import a lot of products from foreign countries and one of them is the most polluted country in the world. This isn't a secret either. So why does the medical community dismiss us when we bring up Morgellons and parasites? Everything I read states that the US has wiped out most parasites - but that was when we were more self-sufficient. We have no idea what we are importing in boxes and freight containers from abroad. It wasn't until the mid to late '80s that the US started using other countries to manufacture our products. By the late 90s, most products were imported and Morgellons was on the rise.

So once again, what is the CDC trying to hide? When evidence proved Morgellons was a real disease, the CDC should have started researching it again. Even if the CDC is funding the MD research centers, they have not tried to correct the medical community's association of MD with Delusional Parasitosis. CDC is directly responsible for this misinformation and should fix it. As we witnessed during the COVID Pandemic, the CDC can act quickly and communicate very loud to the public and medical community when they deem necessary. The internet is blowing up with theories and treatment suggestions for Morgellons. YouTube and Google are starting to take down Morgellon videos due to all the activity and because the theories aren't supported by the CDC. As far as we know the CDC could be directing them to remove the videos as conspiracy theories. Most of the censorship we have witnessed in the last 6 months has been due to violence (sometimes) and politics. How does a skin disease fit into that especially when there is not a known source for the infestation? Who is anyone contradicting?

I am calling to action every one of us - no more hiding. The needless suffering needs to stop. We are living a horrific existence with our own families doubting us. We can't get decent medical care because a lot of us have been labeled "delusional." No matter what the true cause of Morgellons turns out to be, it is NOT OUR FAULT. It's time for all of us to stand up and demand the full attention of the CDC. Funding needs to be maximized. Our Country just developed 3 vaccines in a matter of months. Imagine what our research centers could do with full support? THE ONLY WAY THIS CAN HAPPEN IS IF WE ALL QUIT HIDING. It's time to stand up together and demand the CDC take charge and take responsibility for educating the medical community.

I am worried about the download time of this blog with the attached video. I am going to finish my thoughts with Part 3. I would like to post another video as well but I will save it for the next blog. I am also going to do a picture graph to help explain the different stages of Morgellons. I am not arguing that nanotechnology isn't involved nor am I saying that chemtrails are non-existent. I don't need everyone emailing me to argue until you have seen all my evidence. I know what the source of Morgellons is BUT I don't know how the source came into existence. I also don't know if the source parasite has been altered or sent to us with malicious intent. What I do know is that I caught Morgellons Disease in my own home. I do know that the CDC is not fulfilling its duty with a growing number of citizens. I do know we all need to stand together and make some demands. In my next blog, I will be asking everyone to participate. I believe we have real power if we stand together and I AM TIRED OF BEING SICK!!! Aren't You?!

++PART 1: 2021-morgellons-research-shows-parasites-infesting-wood-in-your-home-part-1


++++Remember, this site is free and we don't advertise. I created this site so we could support each other. No one's information will ever be sold! The Group link on the web page is open to the public. The Forum is for members only and the information is blocked from the Google Search Engine. I want everyone to speak freely and not have to worry about your post ending up on Google. If you have a suggestion that could improve the site, I welcome your input!

Morgellons Larva hide in a Shell of Fibers and Slime
Morgellons Larva Out of Shell

+++DISCLOSURE: I am not a Doctor, Lawyer, or Scientist. This website is a social support site and by no means takes the place of your Doctor or professional help. I express my own religious beliefs and tell my own personal experiences in struggling with Morgellons Disease. I do not represent the comments or recommendations posted by members or visitors on this site. I have not validated nor looked into any person's opinion or statements. You accept full responsibility for the consequences of your use of any information provided on or through this website. You agree to do your own research and use your own judgement, including talking to your Doctor, before trying any recommended product or procedure. I assume no liability for any supplement or recommended, alternative treatment from this website. This blog is nothing more than a compilation of my own real life experiences and personal opinions. It is a place for us to come together and share our stories. Socializing is a form of Entertainment. We want to remind everyone to be respectful and acknowledge the vast differences in religious and political beliefs. This information provided through this website is for educational, informational and entertainment purposes only. ALWAYS TALK TO YOUR PHARMACIST OR MEDICAL PROVIDER BEFORE TAKING NEW SUPPLEMENTS OR NATURAL REMEDIES!! THEY CAN POTENTIALLY HAVE NEGATIVE INTERACTIONS WITH YOUR CURRENT MEDICATION! In case of an emergency your medical chart should contain a list of everything you take including supplements and prescription medications.


Unknown member
Feb 21

100% agree but you have left out one key player!

Pharmaceutical companies. The more your sick and not cured the more money pads there wallets. The big shotcallers Rockefeller's and Gates. It's sad. And THANK YOU BOBBI. I

will stand shoulder to shoulder with you and tell our stories. The only disgrace is hiding and not being honest with one's self and others. Be your own advocate. You don't need confirmation or vindication from the white coats, for what's happening to your body. And please please don't go broke buying every snake oil elixir out there. Alot of people have drained there bank accounts and life savings trying. Research what works and doesn't. Read stories. To be honest I hav…


Unknown member
Dec 26, 2023

The part I disagree with is calling the CDC to action. They’re con artists, liars, and don’t care about humans. I want competent scientists and doctors to figure this out and cure us. if the CDC announced a cure or treatment today, ill do the opposite!


Unknown member
Dec 13, 2023

Where did everyone go? I need HELP!! This is killing me. At a rapid rate. My tooth got " pushed" out and i.watched the pulp get eaten! My doctor mocked me and marked me.dilusional AGAIN .. EVEN THOUGH I.HAD PROOF!! I've been actively suffering for 5+ years. It's hair fibers ... and my bowels. .. I can't go.on. I long for some relief but nobody cares. Why me :'<

Unknown member
Dec 14, 2023
Replying to

I care!! There's a scripture in the Bible that answers your question.."Why me?" Ecclesiastes 9:11 says, "I have seen something further under the sun, that the swift don't always win the race, nor do the mighty win the battle, nor do the wise always have food, nor do the intelligent always have the riches, nor do those with knowledge always have success, because time and unforseen occurances befall them all."

I too am suffering. I have tried so many different things to get them out of my hair, but they remain. My hair is alive and it tries to get into my mouth, but I continue fighting.

I know if it where not for this site, I would be wa…


Unknown member
Nov 28, 2022

Hi guys! I'm Katie, and it was great to find this site! I have been dealing with Morgellon's worms for four years, and they are contagious- they have know transferred to my three little children.

Two ER visits they told me I was crazy and diagnozed me with a delusional brain, without ever looking at my sores. At UVA ER, I was kept in Psyche for hours and hours because they told me my sores were self inflicted. I feel like yelling sometimes: Are you guys blind or what? A worm is a worm is a worm.

I'll be brief. My infection is catastrophic now. I've had multiple hospitalizations for MRSA and pneumonia twice. As gross as it is, these…

Unknown member
Jun 23, 2023
Replying to

MRSA! Shortly after I contracted this from one of my clients my downward spiral began.


Unknown member
Apr 21, 2022

Good morning! I recently found this page and now I know through the pictures which mine match that I am not alone. I have been to every er, primary care, and infectious desease doctor, more cat scans and blood than I care to remember and it was all negative even though the pictures and videos were very real and true. this site gives us all hope!!!!

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