Updated: Nov 6

Morgellons Disease (MD) is a multi-system infestation that has spread to the point of becoming a worldwide pandemic. This disease is so complicated that the CDC has closed its file on the subject. What? That's correct. The CDC originally paid for a small amount of research and ultimately concluded that Morgellons was Delusional Parasitosis. They wanted MD to be treated as a Mental Illness. The CDC published the symptoms and even pictures of the Morgellons rash to ensure Doctors could swiftly and easily make the diagnosis of Morgellons. Why did they do this? Was this a cover-up for something else? I didn't use to believe in conspiracy theories and have dismissed most of them this past year. I have leaned on my faith in God and have tried to use common sense along with Probability to guide me in my search for the cause of Morgellons. I have always been bothered by the pictures presented by the CDC and research centers. If MD is delusional, how can we all have a similar rash? Nothing should be the same for patients that live in different States and even from the opposite ends of the world. This should have been the very1st hint to the CDC that Morgellons was very real. In light of the suspected cover-up from the CDC regarding the COVID Virus and China, I have decided to re-examine my research on Morgellons. Due to the pressure, I have been receiving online that I am WRONG, I am embarrassed to admit that I caved. I didn't want to mislead anyone and potentially cause someone to suffer longer. I have clear evidence of the source of Morgellons but chose to be a coward. After watching the news yesterday, I decided it was time to release what I have discovered. I will refrain from making any accusations, but I will show you the evidence and let you make your own interpretations. Morgellons is in your home, the dirt and trees, and is infecting animals as well as people. MD is a huge pandemic that is spreading around the world in silence due to the fear of being diagnosed with Delusional Parasitosis.