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Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Morgellons Parasite has been very elusive and hard to locate. I think it deserves an award for hiding in plain sight. Morgellons hides so well that government officials considered it an imaginary disease characterized as a "Group Delusion." I have never thought about it like this before...but it's so true. The CDC thought people developed this paranoid delusion after reading about it on the internet, even though most patients were completely normal in all other areas of their mental health. I wonder if there has ever been any other case of mass delusion after watching the internet? I have shared in my other posts that I am a "math person" and love looking at probability. In fact, this would be a fun question for your Doctor. What's more probable? Thousands of strangers had a group delusion after reading about a skin condition on the internet which led to self-afflicted lesions? Or, a research center misses a diagnosis when they don't specialize in parasites? Because Morgellon parasites have been so tough to isolate, many theories have popped up. Because I am a firm believer in logic, I assumed that if I was infected in my home that I would be able to identify the source of Morgellons in my home. Over 300 years ago, Sir Thomas Browne discovered the "Morgellons Fly" and the pictures he drew are available on the internet. After focusing on my home for over 5 years, I believe I have identified the "Morgellons Fly" and I am going to help you locate this parasite on your body, clothing and home.

Morgellons fly matches the 1600's drawing from Sir Thomas Brown
Morgellons Fly

If you search Sir Thomas Browne and the Morgellons Fly, you will find a 350 yr old drawing that matches both of the attached pictures to the left. The identifying feature is the flathead/nose. The larger, older larva share this feature. As I have researched Morgellons (MD), I have concluded that If the larva has a flat end and are nesting in fibers, I know I am looking at MD. The 2nd picture shows the larva that I have found under the surface of my skin and in my hair. You can see the legs and antennas. The larger ones are usually several clustered together.

Morgellons Larva and Fibers that match closely to original drawings by Sir Thomas Browne
White and Black Morgellons Larva

I get many emails requesting help identifying Morgellons. If you are unsure if you have the disease or need help identifying it in your environment, this post will give directions on where to look. I have already posted on how I treat my wood surfaces, but what if your infection isn't as bad as mine? What if you can't find anything in your wood? Does this mean I am wrong? Or perhaps, you don't have Morgellons? Before making any of those decisions, I want you to have many places to look and different tricks to finding the larva. Not all of us are affected with MD the same. Skin lesions are an obvious sign but they are more common in advanced infestations. I am going to outline several different ways to identify Morgellons.

Most patients start itching like crazy and believe they have head lice at the onset of MD. If this happens to you and your doctor confirms that you don't have head lice - I would be very suspicious. I don't know anything else that feels like bugs crawling around your scalp other than BUGS! I have had dandruff, an itchy scalp, and several other conditions. NONE of them compared to the itching and biting of MD. If you can't find anything on your head, put conditioner in your dry hair and comb it out with a lice comb. Any dark specs will stand out against the white and you can magnify them for identification. I use this method for several different reasons. You need to think of Morgellons as bugs that are inside your hair follicles. They need to breathe and move around. When they are blocked off, many come out and they get stuck in the conditioner. When my legs were extremely infected, I put peanut butter on them. This sounds crazy but I was aware of its use as an old-time parasite treatment with farm animals. When you get Morgellons bad enough - YOU WILL TRY ANYTHING! I don't suggest using this treatment until you are taking medication that forces the parasite to the surface of your skin. Whatever is in peanut butter, perhaps the peanut oil, it smothers them and they come boiling out of your skin. I have also had the yellow/white puss bubble up into the peanut butter. The black specs are pretty evident so try it if you don't believe me and look under magnification!! I have had the same effect from other oils and betadine - but they don't work as well as Peanut Butter. I suggest doing the oil and PB treatments while you are already in the shower! Use an exfoliating brush to clean your skin afterward or you will smell like PB the next time you sweat!

MD doesn't like to leave your body willingly. They will push upwards towards the surface of your skin or climb up a hair shaft. Butt most often, they simply relocate to another part of your body. This move will make you very sick!! Morgellons parasites are usually in a puss-like-filled pocket or nest. This is why they are so hard to kill and also detect by lab tests. Their eggs and larvae are in long tubular structures that look like worms. (Pics below show 3 different phases of development with all the larva in a sac or tube etc ) These never seem to move but larva will come out and fibers are often protruding from their sides like legs. When I was initially infected with MD, only my head seemed to be infested. I used everything I could imagine on my hair and scalp. Multiple lice treatments, combing out with conditioner, and I even put vaseline on my scalp. I know this all sounds weird, but when your head severely itches, you are desperate! Morgellons didn't like my treatment choices either. One night I started itching down my back after using citronella shampoo. Over the course of a day, the itching left my head and moved to the lower half of my body. Having my scalp heal was wonderful, but I learned that day that Morgellons is a parasite. I won't let anyone convince me of anything different, either. Something has to be alive to relocate!

For those of you treating other areas of your body, you have to treat your head and shoulders with a larger amount of product. It would be nice to find a treatment to cure yourself, but you have to focus on protecting your vision, hearing, and memory at all times. If you want to survive Morgellons and have any type of quality of life when you are older, you MUST keep Morgellons pushed below your brain and heart. Any treatment you use on the bottom half of your body, make sure to use the same amount or more of the same product on your chest and head. Don't let your scalp and hair become a retreat for Morgellons! I have suffered greatly after MD moved into my ears and sinuses. It was a constant battle keeping them from being infested. Inner ear infections can actually cause the same symptoms as dementia. When I asked my Doctor if ear infections could cause brain fog, she told me "no". Because I have learned to investigate my medical problems, I figured out she was wrong. I was so relieved because I really thought I had Dementia. My brain fog was to the extreme and I was forgetting everything. I couldn't keep an appointment either. It was very scary and embarrassing!! It's really not a surprise that we are all accused of being on drugs. So as a group, we need to fix this problem.

I can tell immediately if I have Morgellons camping out in my ears. Obviously, a larger larva can be felt moving around just like in your sinuses. However, lesions don't move and you cant see them deep in your ear canal. To find out if you have MD in your ears, run a bobby pin across your ear canal with slight pressure. This will help you feel any small lumps under the surface of your skin. The skin easily compresses so it's like hitting a bump in the road. I have had these bumps before and asked my Doctor to look. She always tells me my ears are clear. I couldn't understand this so I started paying closer attention. At times, a Q-tip easily cleans my ears. When I don't feel well, the Q-tip barely fits. My assessment is the ear canal is swelling which conceals the lumps. I have had several of the lumps turn into lesions that required antibiotics. Whenever I get sick or run a fever, I check my ears first. When my brain fog is especially bad and I can't focus or stay on task: I check my ears. My 2019 Christmas is forever burned into my memory as "the Holiday of Pain." My ear lesion turned into an abscess and my ear swelled twice its normal size. I looked like a freak with a huge red ear lobe with unbearable pain. And when I finally have evidence for my Doctor, she was on vacation! Because the entire clinic was closed, I had to wait until my ear drained for relief. It was so severe, I couldn't turn my head, chew or even sleep. It left so much scar tissue inside my ear canal, I can no longer feel a Q-tip. I now put Neosporin on the interior and exterior of my ear every night. I also smear it around my eyes and nose and add different oils sometimes. To ensure MD doesn't move to my mouth, I gargle with Listerine several times a day. I go one step further and put Bausch and Lomb nighttime lubricant in my eyes before bed. This ritual at night has cleared my ears of infection. My eyes are better too. I have had Morgellons for 10 years and I still have my eyelashes! Morgellons are attracted to moisture so your mouth, nose, eyes, and ears are common targets.

Have you noticed when you sweat heavily, you begin to itch? This confused me for a while but I think several things are happening. Because Morgellons is attracted to water. the larva in your environment is probably drawn to you. However, the parasites already hiding in your hair follicles may be forced out by sweating. I am not certain of the reason, but I am certain of the outcome. I had an infected friend tell me when they sweat, they felt like they were being bit everywhere their body was sweating: Back, growing, head, armpits, thighs, feet, etc. My educated guess is the parasites are trying to hang on. Have you ever washed an animal infested with fleas? The little bastards will bite down on the skin so you can't wash them away. I have rescued several kittens and saved their lives by bathing them in dawn dish soap. By the time we are done, the pore little babies will have blood in their fur from the biting fleas trying to not get washed away. If you try this at home, don't rip the fleas off. The dawn dish soap will kill them after 10 min then you should be able to wash them out. And yes - you can try this on your own skin but it's too harsh to use all the time.

MG Parasites are protected in a tubular nest.  This shows older parasites still connected within the tube.
Morgellons Larger Parasites

The picture to the right is a tube just like above but the larva has matured. Their bodies are encased in black fibers. They eventually break away as they age. I have seen the older Morgellons parasite but only a few times. They play possum and are hard to find. I also used to find a lot of long threads on my clothes and bedding. Sometimes the threads looked they were in knots. I could see lint and fuzz balls everywhere: clothes, bed, car, curtains, and furniture with cloth covering. If you magnify your jewelry, you will find fibers starting to collect on the pieces you wear. It grows from there because Morgellons loves velvet and felt. Jewelry boxes are often lined in one of the two so be careful. Coasters are the worst. They contain moisture from your drink and felt on the bottom. You need to watch the base of your lamps as well - they turn to your wood next. I noticed my wood started to be covered by white/blue dust in the corners and grooves. Because a lot of these fibers will fluoresce under black light, it's easy to check. The cardboard cover behind your refrigerator is a definite hot spot. Many people have problems with appliances so this area should be checked regularly.

One last test, take a few fuzz balls from your clothes and bedding and drip water on them. Try to get the crunchy or hard fuzz balls to test. Let them set about 10 minutes before magnifying them. You will be shocked what comes out of the fuzz. Depending on the size of the larva, you may only see white slime. However, several forms usually are present from tiny white worms, larger worm sacs holding larva, to tiny black, red, or white specs that look like insects when magnified. And if you are brave, check the lint trap in your dryer. You have to keep this clean as it will get infested rather quickly. Change it after every load and occasionally spray it down with tea tree or peppermint oil mixed with rubbing alcohol. If you don't want Morgellons in your fresh laundry, stay on top of the lint trap and wipe all the fuzz/dust off the top of the dryer.

Morgellons hide right in front of your eyes. They have a crazy way of surviving the most horrible conditions from high heat to dehydration. Water reboots them and they are very attracted to moisture. Freezing is the only way I have found that kills them without using any product. Vacuuming is a necessity as it will cut down on the spread of the parasite and its fibers. If you are suspicious you have Morgellons, you probably do! The steps listed above should help you confirm your self-diagnosis. The quicker you start treating yourself and your environment, the better your chances for controlling Morgellons.

I will try and get my next Blog done: "Part 2." I am taking it very seriously and have been compiling the evidence along with pictures/videos. And in case you are all wondering, I will begin blogging on the many treatments available and what I personally use. I would encourage you all to join my website and tell everyone what products you have had successes with and which ones are a waste of time and money. My goal is to have a website where we don't have to hide anymore and can openly share our stories. The membership pages are private but open to all members. They are closed to Google! This site is free and I hope we can all find something that helps us by communicating with each other. God has placed this burden on my heart - I believe for a reason. And by the emails I receive, many of us are really hurting. Use the member pages to lien on each other - the only rule is to be kind! This site is created out of love and is free for everyone!


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