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Neurological Symptoms from the Morgellons Parasite in your Hair, Sinuses & Ears

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

I apologize for the long delay since my last post. After my computer crashed, I had a new hard drive installed and better security on my router. Hopefully, I can now blog away without any problems from hackers or viruses. Last month I received a ransom request for $1100. I was threatened to pay or have compromised pictures of myself released to my contacts. I found this silly because I don't have any compromising pictures of myself. When my antivirus program didn't find anything on my PC - I ignored it. Several days later my Amazon account was hacked and on day 10 - my computer crashed! I suspect I was under attack because of my web page and blog. I know I have been hard on the CDC and the Research Centers, but don't I have a right? Our lives have been ruined while we are being eaten alive. We are covered in painful lesions, our hair and eyelashes are falling out, and we are deemed mentally ill while suffering from real neurological problems. I am very angry! I DESERVE the respect and the common courtesy shown to other patients by the medical community. How can we seek help when we are made to feel ashamed and embarrassed that we suffer from Morgellon's disease? Today's blog is going to help you identify what is attacking your body, AND show you a few techniques to help you avoid the dreaded Parasite die-off syndrome.

Morgellon's Nest whe you can see the fibers and individual parasites.
Morgellons Nest

I have discovered a lot more information since I started this blog. I am in the process of mailing off a few parasite samples so their DNA can be identified. I have been researching Morgellons long enough that I believe I understand part of its reproduction cycle. The picture to the left shows a nest I found on my wall. When I add oil to damaged areas of wood, Clumps like these come to the surface. However, this is an exceptionally large nest and the picture is magnified x10. The longer worm-shaped cocoon on the left has a clear Morellons bug with long fibers coming out the tip. If you study the top left corner, you can see white and black larvae in the clear slime. I believe this is why Morelllons doesn't show up in lab work. They are encapsulated in cocoons or slimy nests. The clear/greenish slime shows many hair-like fibers if you look close. I always find dead grass or weeds in my shoe as well. Upon further investigation, I believe they are full of eggs. You can see a long yellow/white "weed" arched over the nest. I obviously don't believe this is a weed!

I have not mentioned this before, but if you are having problems with your lower legs and feet, you need to check your shoes. Pull the interior sole away from the edge and run tape along the crease. You will be surprised at what comes out. I have found clumps and nests inside my flip-flops. If there is soft fuzzy lining in your boots or slippers, I would throw them away. You can store them in your freezer in bags but, they are a definite attraction for the parasite. I also have removed any fleece or fuzzy blankets and jackets. Any clothing that is covered in tiny fuzz balls should be looked at closely. The infected fuzz balls will feel crunchy or hard. If you get them wet you will see a white slime raise to the top. The slime will look like the picture above. Fuzz and fleece make perfect camouflage. The Morgellons bug is eating the material because they are usually the same color as their hideout! I witnessed this on the side of my old mattress too. The shiny fluff from the surface was gone and it looked threadbare. Now when I am out in public and see threadbare furniture, I look at them differently.

I have been finding a lot of dark specs in my nose. Upon closer inspection, I am finding lumpy, white discharge. When I look even closer, the clumps are white sacs and encase dark fibers on the inside. The dark specs are little parasites as seen in the picture below. This larvae is inside a long tube and looks like a speck of blood or dirt with no magnification. I have been having trouble with my vision and hearing as well. My ears have been a real problem and I keep finding swollen lumps. I have had so many I can no longer feel a Qtip in my ear. Last Christmas I had horrible sinus trouble and my balance was off. My right ear swelled up twice the size and was fiery red. It hurt so bad!! I became very tired, ran fevers but most importantly - noticed my memory was worse. I couldn't' focus and was nodding off all the time. I even started having mini tremor attacks in my hands again. The day after Christmas, a sore in the ear drained. I could feel the wetness and suddenly could hear again. ALL of the other symptoms were gone or greatly reduced. And of course, by the time I reached my Doctor's office, my ear canal was back to normal!!

I realized at this point I didn't have Dementia! I had been worrying about it for months! I also had been struggling with dizziness and didn't want to drive. My energy was back and my memory was working again! Thank You, God!! If you have experienced these symptoms, you understand the fear. At this point, I really started focusing on treating my body from the chest up more aggressively than my lower extremities. My entire focus shifted to protecting my ears, brain, and heart. The sample of the left shows larvae in the clear tubes that I find in my hair and nasal discharge. Sometimes they come out of my skin too. Without magnification, they look and feel like hard white noodles. Sometimes part of it isn't hard though - that is what caught my attention. They are usually all the same color and size unless a long soft noodle/worm is still attached. What's the likelihood a 1/4" dried noodle keeps appearing from my nose, legs, and abdomen? And with the same slimy bi-product?

The evening hours are when I have experienced my head itching the worst. I found an old lice comb and started combing my hair out when my scalp itched. Always do this over a sink! My hair is thinning and I believe the Morgellons parasite is getting into my hair follicles. I have found larva on my hair strands in the past. I always analyze this hair that lands in the sink and the fuzz that combs out. The larva will be glued to some of the strands and black specs will also be present. When I look very close, some of the fuzz will be slimy too. I have added many products to my shampoo from peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, citronella, and tea tree oil. Cinnamon and peppermint seem to work the best for me. A good hair conditioner covers any residual smell. I also put creams around my ears and face mixed with the same oils. I have been pretty successful at pushing the Morgellons to my legs and feet. Protecting your head and ears needs to be your top priority!

Every once in a while I will put too much product on a lesion and the Morgellons will relocate to my upper torso. These are the times I become very sick. You need to pay close attention especially if you have intense itching. During these times shower more often and really clean your skin. Turn your clothes inside out and roll them with tape. You will be shocked at all the black fibers. Make sure these clothes are cleaned well and fuzz balls removed. When I have a die-off like this, I pay close attention to my clothes and bedding. After washing, I even freeze my items for 3-7 days. Use a white trash bag and you will see dead larva in the bottom of the bag. Any lesions can be packed with Bentonite Clay Powder - Food Grade. This will absorb a lot of puss and infection out of the wound. If you are really sick you can add this to water and drink. Follow the instructions on the product bag. I had a Naturopathic Doctor tell me toxins leave your body in 2 ways: your gut or your skin. Betonite Clay absorbs toxins and they pass through your intestine. This product has allowed me to function instead of laying in bed with a headache and severe nauseousness during a parasite migration.

I will try and post more information soon. Please take care of yourself and let me know if any of these suggestions work for you. One thing I know for sure: If you don't clean your environment, any treatment is only temporary. And at all costs protect your ears and nose to reduce your neurological symptoms! My goal has been to find the cause because I want to remove Morgellons from my life. A band-aid isn't good enough!! Time to enjoy life again but you need to protect your sinuses, eyes, and ears!


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