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Neurological Symptoms from the Morgellons Parasite in your Hair, Sinuses & Ears

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

I apologize for the long delay since my last post. After my computer crashed, I had a new hard drive installed and better security on my router. Hopefully, I can now blog away without any problems from hackers or viruses. Last month I received a ransom request for $1100. I was threatened to pay or have compromised pictures of myself released to my contacts. I found this silly because I don't have any compromising pictures of myself. When my antivirus program didn't find anything on my PC - I ignored it. Several days later my Amazon account was hacked and on day 10 - my computer crashed! I suspect I was under attack because of my web page and blog. I know I have been hard on the CDC and the Research Centers, but don't I have a right? Our lives have been ruined while we are being eaten alive. We are covered in painful lesions, our hair and eyelashes are falling out, and we are deemed mentally ill while suffering from real neurological problems. I am very angry! I DESERVE the respect and the common courtesy shown to other patients by the medical community. How can we seek help when we are made to feel ashamed and embarrassed that we suffer from Morgellon's disease? Today's blog is going to help you identify what is attacking your body, AND show you a few techniques to help you avoid the dreaded Parasite die-off syndrome.

Morgellon's Nest whe you can see the fibers and individual parasites.
Morgellons Nest