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Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Do laundry and bedding play a part in the Morgellon's Disease Cycle? My answer is an absolute YES!! Most of you already know this and I have written about this subject in earlier posts. I am working on compiling pictures and videos for my next "Research Blog" but thought I could write about a subject that I am frequently emailed about: Laundry! Because Morgellons is a parasite, it has an insect life-cycle. All parasites have them and we are part of it. I have found that Morgellons isn't too picky because it likes most animals and even other insects. I know that I shed fibers as well as small black specs. I have also figured out that they take residency in our clothing and they love plush, fuzzy material. I have removed all stuffed animals and my sweaters are sealed in garbage bags. Sherpa is very popular right now BUT NOT IN MY HOUSE!! As soon as I discover crunchy fuzz balls on my clothing or furniture, I take action. The options below are the steps I take with my laundry, bedding, and any other fabric-covered items in my home.

My son used to complain that he could feel hair on his face when he dried off after showering. I naturally assumed it was pet hair so I created all sorts of rules: no towels on the floor, separate bins for dirty towels, and use them only on our body. Period! It didn't help. I then thought something must be wrong with my washer/dryer or that I was washing loads that were too large. I washed towels by themselves and went to medium size loads but still ran them as large. I thought the extra water would help rinse them better. I cleaned the dryer lint every time I did laundry and nothing improved. I thought maybe he was sensitive so gave him his own towels. That didn't solve anything either. After I did my 1st treatment with Cinnamon, I noticed all the fibers on my clothing and sheets. I shook them over the bathtub and was shocked. I began rolling the close with a lint roller before I wore them and afterward. It became clear that I was shedding fibers. I also started finding crunchy fuzz balls and thicker fibers that looked like bugs. I needed to figure out how to get my clothes clean. When I finally did - all my itching went away!!

Morgellons parasites hide in our clothing and larva live in fuzz of sweater.

Today, if I feel an itch - I remove the piece of clothing, turn it inside out and look. There will usually be a fuzzball that correlates to the itching on my body. I remove it and get dressed again. No more itching! Sometimes when I visit other places, I will start itching and look at my pants. They will be covered on the outside with long fibers and fuzzies. I pull them off immediately! The picture to the left shows a 10x magnified sweater seam and fuzzballs. You can see the blue and white masses. The fact they are all shaped the same, tells you they are bugs. It's not possible for that many fibers to produce identical masses that look like insects!!

Morgellons Larva Live In Clothing

The socks on the right show fuzz and you can clearly see several larvae. If you look closely you can see the smaller ones hiding in the white fibers. The triangular larva is what I found in my wood floor all the time. I find them usually in white and black colors. To me - they almost look like a mollusk. I don't believe Morgellon's are in the mollusk family but I will talk about that in my next blog. The larger mass in the middle is the next stage for this bug. They will be covered in fibers and therefore look like fuzz. They hide on the material in plain sight. I have learned that if I pull on the fuzz-covered clump, it will stretch and a bug pulls out of the shell. The interior is the parasite and I believe it's what's biting us.

After I figured this out, I started noticing how much of my bedding and clothing were covered either in visible fibers or fuzzies. Armpits, bras, socks, underwear, and waistbands were affected the worst. If you think about it, these are the highest area of moisture on our bodies. I started washing everything in big doses of Borax and hot water adding bleach for colors when it wouldn't ruin the fabric. This helped some but didn't always kill everything even after several washes. After that, I started rotating clothes through the freezer. I ordered a large roll of dry cleaning bags for $40 and stored all my nice items in plastic bags sealed at the top and bottom with tape. This protected them but it was a BIG job freezing everything for a week or longer. Morgellons does not like the cold so this actually worked well. When I pulled items from the freezer I would shake them off outside or over the bathtub and put them away into tubs with the air vents taped shut. (They are located under the handles.) This was a lot of work and my kids were mad that there were more frozen clothes in the freezer than food!

My next step was to add the products that I used to treat my wood. I have talked about them in prior posts. I had read that baking soda was a good additive for laundry so I did a little test. I found a larva nest on my floor and cut it in half. I put baking soda on 1 side and peppermint oil on the other half. Instantly the peppermint oil started dissolving the larva clump. I let it sit overnight and checked on it. It was black! The baking soda side was turning dark but when I turned it over, I could see the fibers trying to come out the other side. In another word, it was killing it slowly but the peppermint oil killed it immediately. Because of this, I added 2 capfuls of peppermint oil to every load of laundry. I also used Borax because I know that it is used to kill lice in bedding. I use at least 1 Cup and if it's a big load or heavily infested clothing, I increase it to 1.5 - 2 cups. I also add 1/2 Cup of Enzyme Cleaner because it does kill Morgellons. It's not fast but it does work. I have used it in my bathrooms with great success. Don't wash in hot water though because it may kill the enzymes. In addition to this, I still use my regular detergent and fabric softener.

The very first time you treat your laundry you will probably be shocked - I was!! There were fibers and fuzz everywhere. I couldn't believe it. I do big loads because I have kids so I chose to run the load again. I kind of freaked out because I thought I would never get all the fuzz off the clothes. I put them in the dryer and was pleasantly surprised when they were dry. My lint trap was fuller than it had ever been before. However, the clothes were clean and the fuzz was gone. I can't describe it but they just looked better. When I showered with my treated towels, the fuzzy feeling was gone. I treated all of my clothing and bedding. I washed everything that could be washed. The next time I washed my towels, they were clean after 1 wash. Usually, I only wash things twice the first time. The oils and cleaners get all the fuzz out that has built up over time. There were a few exceptions to this rule. I had a lined hoodie that had been hanging in an infested closet. No matter how many times I washed it or froze it, I itched when I put it on. I have zero tolerance for itching so I finally tossed it in the trash. Socks get heavily infested too. When they are covered in hard specs and fuzz balls, I throw them in the trash. I can afford a new bag of socks! I don't want them to infest everything else and I refuse to stand there and pick out all the hard black specs. I do lint roll them to remove pet hair. If the majority of fibers and specs come off - they get washed and escape the trash. I truly believe our clothing is responsible for reinfesting us with Morgellons. I love fashion BUT my body and health are more important than anyone piece of clothing.

Morgellons Parasites Embedded inbetween my toes.
Embedded Morgellons Inbetween Toes

Shoes?!! They are important and are actually my hot spot along with my feet. The picture to the left shows parasites embedded between my toes. Upon careful inspection, I realized my shoes were the source. Any opening or crevice in a shoe needs to be inspected. I found a nest in a flip flop where the thong attaches to the sole. The material between my toes was unraveling. I pulled it to the side so I could see down into the hole where the thong is glued. I was shocked to find fuzz, hair, and Morgellon nesting material. I then looked at my foot and the picture shows what I found. Completely disgusting!! I now keep shoes stored in Walmart bags, occasionally freeze them, and treat the lining of most of them with Diatomaceous Earth (food grade). I also rinse my feet every time I wear my flip flops outside and now wear rubber/plastic sandals with no material or padding. My feet are no longer infested!

I am working on 2 other blogs at the moment. One blog covers my treatment plan and the herbs/oils I use. I PROMISE to publish this by Sunday. I am getting so many emails that I am having a hard time keeping up. Please be patient and I will publish the 2nd Blog as quickly as I can. I will lay out everything I have discovered regarding Morgellons Disease along with the supporting evidence. It was a huge job surfing through 5 years of pictures and videos. I don't have all the answers but I have definitely discovered evidence proving Morgellons is a parasite. There is so much garbage on the internet and everyone is trying to make a quick buck. Please be careful and do your own research. I have been told there is a group in Mexico promising they can cure Morgellons. They are emailing people and telling them that all they have to do is walk across the border with $300. You will stay a few days and they will treat you in a local hotel. Most people wouldn't believe this unless they were completely desperate. The scary part is that half of the people that email me sound this desperate. So please be smart, be suspicious, and be careful. There is no shame in having Morgellons and don't let anyone tell you differently!


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Unknown member
Dec 01, 2023

Sounds so familiar exactly what I’m going through myself. I’ve been going through it for six years and everyone is insisting that I’m crazy and insane and everything you’ve talked about his exactly what I’m experiencing. The pictures are exactly what I see in my hair I think you have just helped me more than you will ever know. Best of luck to you and your family.


Unknown member
Dec 22, 2022

Bobbi D -i have a question?? Can these be cleaned, if so with what?c I would love complete regimen and "tools" used to accomplish this task.

Can i store clothes in them? I do not have a dresser any longer. Ideally i’d like to clean these zipper bags and this storage bin

and put my clean folded clothes in cleaned zipped bags and then into the cleaned storage bin. Of course, only if they can be protected. So pls tell me exactly what l have to do for this to work. Unfortunately, I have to have this completed before Xmas. PLS HELP!!! ASAP!!!! PS-i really like your whole take on MD. It makes total sense to me. 👏🏼👏🏼🥇🥇🏆🏆


Unknown member
Oct 17, 2022

. could be helppful


Unknown member
Dec 31, 2021

I found something strange have it on video it appeared to look like fishing string it was messing with an orange substance on my floor.I have been itching terribly. get demodex or lice or scabies they are all over my face my hair feels alive i swear i saw some swim when shaving to stay on the sink and not go into the drain. I am about to buy more permeretrhin.I haven't gotten the cinnamon yet you told me to get 5 tines maybe i better order it ow .How much do I take per day? Thanks Oh and piping rock is a cheap place for vitamins if you are a new account you get 5 bucks off i made…

Unknown member
Jan 01, 2022
Replying to

I won't hold my breath for the Oklahoma University BUT I will be the 1st one to cheer them on if they do it. That would be a dream.

You need to do a little research so I can help you a little more. 1st of all, long term treatment means you want to take Oregano and Cinnamon. Silver is also good. Before you start an internal treatment, you need to get as many off and out of your skin as possible. When you take oral treatments it kills them but this creates toxins that will make you sick. There is no way around it initially. However, the more you can pull out of your skin, the less toxin…


Unknown member
Oct 26, 2021

Bobbi I would like to know how to treat my dog and cats? I've been giving them coconut

Unknown member
Jun 28, 2023
Replying to

Hello, I have just signed up to this blog. I struggle wirh this problem for a bit noq, didn't even know what its. Now i know at least what I have to deal wirh. I have 4 dogs and 2 cats ans just lately i have notice that they are also infected. thank you for all the indormation you provide. I am about to start my own battle against moegallons .

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