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Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Do laundry and bedding play a part in the Morgellon's Disease Cycle? My answer is an absolute YES!! Most of you already know this and I have written about this subject in earlier posts. I am working on compiling pictures and videos for my next "Research Blog" but thought I could write about a subject that I am frequently emailed about: Laundry! Because Morgellons is a parasite, it has an insect life-cycle. All parasites have them and we are part of it. I have found that Morgellons isn't too picky because it likes most animals and even other insects. I know that I shed fibers as well as small black specs. I have also figured out that they take residency in our clothing and they love plush, fuzzy material. I have removed all stuffed animals and my sweaters are sealed in garbage bags. Sherpa is very popular right now BUT NOT IN MY HOUSE!! As soon as I discover crunchy fuzz balls on my clothing or furniture, I take action. The options below are the steps I take with my laundry, bedding, and any other fabric-covered items in my home.

My son used to complain that he could feel hair on his face when he dried off after showering. I naturally assumed it was pet hair so I created all sorts of rules: no towels on the floor, separate bins for dirty towels, and use them only on our body. Period! It didn't hel