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Updated: Jul 23, 2022

I shared with you last month how I have successfully treated myself for Morgellons Disease (MD). I continue to receive questions on how I treated my head/scalp for MD. Your questions let me know that further explanation is needed. Below, I will give some tips and tricks to make treatment easier and more successful. I truly believe that many people quit treatment protocols out of fear of the "scary" die-off symptoms. I believe this because I did the same thing! Not long after I became infested with Morgellons, I tried a para cleanse treatment. I became so sick I ended up at the emergency room thinking I was having an allergic reaction. Of course, the Hospital let me know that I didn't have parasites and warned me not to take supplements like these again. I was told by the Doctor that as far as he knew, there could be rat poop in the capsules that I took. Period. End of discussion. His comments scared me to the point that I suffered from Morgellons for another 7 years before I finally visited a Homeopathic Clinic. I am going to explain what I learned, how to increase your chances for a successful treatment, and how to reduce symptoms from the dreaded Die-Off phase of Morgellons.

I let the fear of eating rat poop keep me from seeking alternative treatment. Honestly, I can't believe it took me 7 years to become angry enough to override this fear. After my appointment with the Homeopathic Clinic, I visited with my Grandfather. I showed him the list of treatments recommended to me. He laughed! He said, "Well Bobbi, it looks like all the same stuff Mom use to give us as kids." He then reminisced about my Great Grandma telling them it was time for a "shot" whenever they were sick. The shot was an enema. He said they never admitted to being sick because no one wanted the dreaded shot! Grandma also had peppermint tea with cinnamon sticks - I remember the smell. And if you were really sick, castor oil was the medicine of choice! My point is this: How did we survive before Big Pharma? For most of our history, humans have used whatever mother nature had to offer. When I think about it like this, I was silly to wait 7 years to try other treatment options. And how old did my Great Grandma live to be? 94! My Grandpa just turned 90 and still runs the family farm - Alone!

I have spoken a lot about treating your laundry and residence. I will continue to show pictures that will reinforce how important this is. From a glance, this looks like fuzz on your jeans. If you look close, you can identify a parasite in the middle. Any bug problem including lice or fleas requires a multi-front treatment to be successful. A parasite has many life stages and, often, the male and females do not look alike. Some parasites will inhabit several animals and/or bugs during their life span. If you think about this, you begin to understand why it's so important to treat yourself and your home. We don't know the entire life-cycle of Morgellons nor everything they infest.

I have devoted a minimum of 2-3 hours every day to researching Morgellons for the last 5 years. I have a database of around 20,000 pictures and many videos. Spending this much time researching Morgellons has given me an insight into how the parasite affects our body. Members send me messages all the time that say:

"I started treatment and the bugs are attacking me."

"They are smart and getting even with me."

"They are communicating with each other and working together."

"They are not of this world. I can't kill them."

"If you treat them, they get worse."

"The skin cream is attracting them to my body."

"I tried this new product and overnight it is killing them."

"I have new cream and they no longer are attracted to me. They don't bite me anymore."

"It's not contagious. My spouse doesn't have it."

These are all wrong. You have a parasite reproducing in your body. When you take a product Morgellons doesn't like, the bug will try and get away. It's called self-preservation! They will change locations and migrate to different areas of your body. They are blood born so anything that gets into your bloodstream will affect all of them quickly. If you put bug spray on your foot and your head begins to itch, the bugs aren't communicating. The bug spray absorbs through your skin and some of it enters your blood. Your heart pumps it throughout your body and the parasites are affected. The strength and quantity absorbed into your blood will determine how large of a reaction. Fibers exiting our skin burn just as much as when they enter. I have literally had fibers disappear from view while simultaneously feeling a stinging sensation on my skin. I had this happen one day while doing laundry. I immediately dumped alcohol on my skin and 3 fibers surfaced. I was shocked that they had entered my skin so quickly. The pain subsided as quickly as it began. Morgellons parasites aren't attacking you. It's more likely they are exiting your skin when you begin treatment. Let's take this one step further: If you aren't itching or feeling stung, your oils and supplements aren't working.

Morgellons parasites do infest your body but they're not telepathic. This doesn't mean they aren't aware of each other when an emergency arrises like bees with smoke. They may produce a chemical that warns others in their cluster. But the bug in your foot isn't sending messages to the bug on your head. They are attracted to one another and their fibers do bind together. I believe this is more for reproduction purposes. I find strands of fibers intertwined along with larva in various stages of life. Because Morgellons are insects, they reproduce in the hundreds. When you begin treatment or put oil on an infected area, imagine thousands of microscopic parasites fleeing to a new location in your body. I have seen this happen too many times to count. This migration means the parasites leave their pockets under your skin and travel through your muscle and tissue to find a new location. This process can make you very sick. If your new treatment is strong enough, they will migrate out of your skin as well. You will itch like crazy! Some people confuse this with an attack. Others celebrate because the original infested area on their skin looks like it is healing. The truth is that you did kill some - the parasites closest to the surface of the skin are affected the most. However, the deeper layers most likely migrated to a new location. If you are aware of this, you can watch your body for tiny new pustules that form within a few days. The parasites in my body seem to rotate to the same locations: upper back, cheeks, buttocks, upper thigh, or ankle/lower leg. The pustules are small and won't develop into anything big for a while. You might even think they are ingrown hair or pimple. By the time you have new lesions or large bumps, you won't correlate them to the original infestation. After you do the same treatment again, you will either celebrate how great your product is working, OR decide to quit using it. You convince yourself that you are either being attacked again or that you are allergic to the treatment. See how Morgellons is so easily misconstrued?

This can become a vicious cycle for many people. Treating only externally allows Morgellons to grow and spread within your body. Not recognizing the cycle, lets the infestation develop into a huge problem that has spread from you to infest your entire home. Early detection is very important and a multi-front treatment is a necessity. I also believe this parasite carries mold along with bacteria from the soil and forest. Because the soil is teeming with other parasites like nematodes - we have no idea what Morgellons is packing into our bodies. I believe they pack fibers to eat and nest as well. This means many strange particles and fibrous material are entering our bodies. This theory explains why I recommended so many different herbs and supplements. To treat Morgellons a healthy diet is necessary along with supplements, vitamins, minerals, and several different topical treatments.

Knowledge always makes us more powerful. Knowing that Morgellons migrate around our body gives us additional treatment options. Forcing the parasite to migrate out of your head, brain, sinuses, eyes, and ears is the fastest way to bring relief to your body! I am asked all the time, "How did you get it out of your hair?" To make this simple, you want your head to be the LEAST inviting place for the parasites to take up residency. Because they are attracted to moisture and hair, this can be a difficult task. In my treatment plan, I recommend cinnamon oil in your shampoo and treating your head and neck with various oils throughout the day. Pay close attention to the skin around your ears and across your sinuses. The goal is to force the parasite out of your head which also means blocking potential hiding spots: ear canals, eyes, nasal passages, and mouth. You need to gargle several times a day with hydrogen peroxide or Listerine. I have heard red wine accomplishes the same thing! Put salve or Neosporin in your ear canals, nostrils, and gel in your eyes at night. Once Morgellons move out of your head and hair, you can cut back on the amount of oil you are using. I still do the salve treatments every night in my ears, nose and eyes. I have long brown hair and all of my eyelashes. For more intense outbreaks, sulfur can be added to shampoo, or use Theratree body wash or enzymes with your shampoo. You need to be careful that you don't allow Morgellons to move back into your head. Your inner ear is where many of the neurological problems begin.




(2 Drops of oil on your leg = 2+ Drops of oil on Head & Neck)

Morgellons Hair Parasites

I refer to the term Die-off all the time. This is when your body is sick from all the Parasitic toxins released when you treat Morgellons. There are only 2 ways for the parasites to leave your body! They either exit your skin and hair, OR your body expels them as waste. The safest way to remove parasites is through bathing and skin treatments. If the parasites choose to exit your skin - you won't experience the toxins released as they die. Your body has a system in place with your liver and colon to cleanse itself. It's imperative that you keep these organs and their functions working properly including not becoming constipated!

One of the best treatments I have mentioned is the coffee enema. I was very resistant to this treatment in the beginning for obvious reasons!! After studying its history, I changed my mind. History tells us the coffee enema was discovered on the battlefield during one of the World Wars. Soldiers were commonly treated with enemas prior to surgery but sometimes the field hospitals were low on water. When coffee was substituted in the enema, soldiers reported that it reduced their pain levels. Coffee enemas have been in use ever since. A Doctor with Lyme's disease explained in her blog that caffeine and high acid levels absorb through the hemorrhoidal veins to the liver. To simplify the explanation, this causes the liver to operate better and remove more toxins from your system. You feel better immediately! I have experienced this first hand. Enemas were my lifesaver in the 1st year of treating Morgellons. I could walk into the bathroom suffering from no energy, nauseousness, and a headache. 30 minutes later all my symptoms would be gone. I could function and participate in life for the rest of the day. Please do your own research on everything I recommend. I am not a Doctor! I am simply sharing my research and experiences with you. Coffee Enemas kept me functioning and out of bed during the die-off. The Homeopathic Clinic recommended that coffee enemas should be administered daily for 30 days to experience their full benefits. Stainless Steel kits are sold on Amazon along with specialty coffee just for enemas.

Morgellons fibers with larva bulbs at the base.  Larger larva & sacs coming out of the skin.

The picture to the right shows several stages of Morgellons. The long fibers with bulbs at the end are not hair. They look like thick strands of hair but they are hollow. The fibers enter the skin and a bulb grows out the end. This bulb grows into a small worm shape and produces larva. I have found many of these "hair" fibers outside of my body with blue and black larva still attached. I believe these are male. I believe the darker red shapes on the skin are females. The white shapes are sacs filled with new fibers and a substance that feels like snot. I will explain this in further detail in my next blog. My point is these are clearly parasites. I have videos of the parasites whipping the fibers around and diving at my skin. To treat this disease, you need to realize they are a bug and understand it will take a while to kill this infestation. There are many stages to Morgellons and it includes a few steps outside of your body. We also have no idea how long MD can go dormant like many bugs during the winter. There is no way around a long treatment until a cure is found. So be patient and don't expect too much too soon.

Morgellons has spread worldwide. There is activity on this website from almost every nation in the world. So those of you in hiding - it's time to come out. You would do better educating people than hiding in fear. Don't be ashamed - we are so far beyond that! If you are concerned, make sure you have on clean clothes and shower before you leave home. This will reduce the number of fibers when you are in public. For those of you that think MD isn't contagious, you are wrong. Dropped fibers are like ticks waiting in the grass for a passerby! I have witnessed skinny filaments come out of the "hair-like fibers" mentioned above and shoot at my skin. The first time this happened, I was scared to death! So if your friends and family don't have Morgellons, it's probably because of their diets. Many foods and spices are anti-parasitic: Pineapple, Pumpkin, Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Walnuts, Clove, Oregano, Mint, Cinnamon, and more! Once you go through the initial Die-off the amount of fibers exiting your skin is greatly reduced. I use to monitor this by lint rolling the interior of my clothes at night. Sometimes when I itch, I will lint roll my skin to this day. I had so many fibers exit my body during die-off that I tossed my clothing and bedding for the first 2 weeks of treatment. This is a great monitoring technique for when you travel too. You will quickly realize how widespread a problem that Morgellons has become.

This website is for everyone. The truth is everyone's body is different due to their own medical issues. One treatment plan won't work for everyone. That's why not all cancer treatments help everyone. For this reason, we need to be patient with one another. I am sharing my story to encourage everyone to fight for their health. If you have found treatments that work - keep using them. Add one supplement at a time so you can gauge what is working. Keep a notebook to help you remember everything and be consistent every day. I have explained above the most common mistakes people are making with their treatments. I want to thank every one of you that has sent me messages and feedback. You all have taught me a lot this past year. My next blog is going to lay out in detail the Morgellons Parasite along with pictures and evidence I have gathered for the past 5 years. I had no idea I had soooo many pictures until I started compiling all the data. I have officially waded through most of it and will get it out to you soon. I thank God for all of you and remember you in my prayers. I hope you are all working on your health because it's almost time to go to battle. No one else should ever have to suffer through this and it's up to us to stand up! Together we can make an impact! My next blog will be a call to action and I will start publishing videos online. Please fill the website with your individual stories and comments. We must be a united front and every one of us need to be a part! Keep your faith!


++++Remember, this site is FREE and we don't advertise. I created this site so we could support each other. No one's information will ever be sold! The Public Discussion tab at the top of the page is for everyone. The Members tab offers a Forum that is more private and all the information is blocked from the Google Search Engine. Membership is also FREE and includes a members page where you can share your story. ++A phone application, Spaces by Wix, is also free to download and includes better access to the website, Shared Galleries, and a chat feature for members. Please visit our Home page for a list of Blog Posts and Video Evidence!

+++DISCLOSURE: I am not a Doctor, Lawyer, or Scientist. This website is a social support site and by no means takes the place of your Doctor or professional help. I express my own religious beliefs and tell my own personal experiences in struggling with Morgellons Disease. I do not represent the comments or recommendations posted by members or visitors on this site. I have not validated nor looked into any person's opinion or statements. You accept full responsibility for the consequences of your use of any information provided on or through this website. You agree to do your own research and use your own judgement, including talking to your Doctor, before trying any recommended product or procedure. I assume no liability for any supplement or recommended, alternative treatment from this website. This blog is nothing more than a compilation of my own real life experiences and personal opinions. It is a place for us to come together and share our stories. Socializing is a form of Entertainment. We want to remind everyone to be respectful and acknowledge the vast differences in religious and political beliefs. This information provided through this website is for educational, informational and entertainment purposes only. ALWAYS TALK TO YOUR PHARMACIST OR MEDICAL PROVIDER BEFORE TAKING NEW SUPPLEMENTS OR NATURAL REMEDIES!! THEY CAN POTENTIALLY HAVE NEGATIVE INTERACTIONS WITH YOUR CURRENT MEDICATION! In case of an emergency your medical chart should contain a list of everything you take including supplements and prescription medications.


Unknown member
Feb 21

Hi family imy name is karen. I contacted this disease 2 yeats ago - i bekieve my service dog reyrieved it first and were inseparatable. hehas pure white hair and there were black spikes coming out of his skin - ii also small small black like spores kinda moving on him at times - he started to lose hair in all the areas mentioned here and his ubder skin got discolored badly - 9 different vets ojua 3 emergency roomvisits left him all misdiagnosed - Now lets get to me - NIGHTMARE - i lost everything andbeen diagnosed with Delusional Paratosis and formication (4) times - with brown scars in my body, slow to no healind - eye color an…


Unknown member
Dec 24, 2023

I know they’re in my ears and sinuses pretty bad. I’ve been treating what I thought was head lice for a year and a half. I have now changed the way I do my baths, thank you. Praying this changes things. I can literally hear them in my ears, they often burn or the skin gets tight. Does anyone experience really bad smelllong urine??

Unknown member
Dec 25, 2023
Replying to

I too experience smelly urine and tight skin.


Unknown member
Oct 29, 2023

I know people could have died, had they not found the help here at this blog. (Thanks Bobbi D) But it's unheard of. But, people who die from morgs, it won't ever be published as a cause of death they will forge that paperwork look how far they went to just discredit the people so sick and made them feel nuts and had no problems doing so even if it meant convincing a new mom it's the stress of having a baby causing delusions and making that mother feel she had to give that baby away for adoption because if she's delusional how does she know she is keeping him safe. That's enough to make a mom let herself die…


Unknown member
Oct 18, 2023

Just like to say thank you. I liked your article and gave me several ways to treat this disease and . . . Hope. There are so many snake oil salesmen on the web. And I include those greedy ***** in our medical community. But I digress. Just wanted to say thanks.

But I can't leave without saying two things:

  1. There is no money in a cure.

  2. Those doctors who believe its in our mind are delusional themselves.

Merle R. Mollenkopf Jr.

Unknown member
Feb 21
Replying to

yes UNTIL They get it


Unknown member
Oct 13, 2023

I love to use bleach on everything. And since I've been homeless and then recently been moved into my new place there has been bed bugs and morgellons and I tell ya I hate them creepy crawlers and the morgellons is defenitly one that sticks to people and they wouldn't even know it until it's pointed out to my case...theyrlve infiltrated themselves in my breathing system. So I'm finding them wanting to fall out ears..which is messed up 8s you ask anyone and noone believes me...but it's true. And anyway....I use bleach and it seems to do the job....I of course pluck every little matter found on the inside pockets and the inside of's a must...unless you…

Unknown member
Oct 30, 2023
Replying to

I just wanted to mention. If bleach is working for you then don't change a thing. But their are things you should know about bleach if you will be using it as your main cleaner. First, very unreliable, bleach has such a short shelf life, exposed to sun or any organic matter will begin decreasing its effectiveness and within 24 hours is recommended to throw out any that you had in spray bottles exposed to sun. 2nd bleach usually has to be in contact with most of cleaning jobs for 2 hours before it is able to effectively kill all bacteria and stuff. Some virus and bacteria die much faster but many need to stay in contact with bleach for…

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